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I've currently got an Olympus E-500 and love it. I'm a corporate pilot and travel all over north america and my camera normally comes with me to interesting layovers. However it's size is a hinderance, then when I don't bring it on trips that are routine an amazing photo opportunity seems to always get missed.

I'm looking for something I can keep with me all the time mostly for basic snapshots, nothing too crazy, but still decent enought to capture a good picture... I'd also love to take some little movie clips too. A nice compact size is key so I can just have with me all the time.

Thanks in advance for any and all insight! And I am partial to the Olympus brand but am willing to go any direction for the best bang for the buck.. looking to spend around $200-$300.

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The Olympus SP-550 can be bought refurbished directly from Olympus on E-Bay for around $(US) 310.00 to $(US) 335.00

Sarah Joyce
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I'll just bounce an idea off you and see what you think.

Have you considered buying the two new kit lenses which are much lighter and compact than the old ones. I'd guess the E500 plus those two lenses would fit in a VERY compact case.

Just a thought.

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What I'm really looking for is a half decent slim build camera.. just something to throw in the shirt pocket or even the outside pocket on my E-500 carry bag. When I want to take the good picture I bring out the E500, but I'm looking for something more along the lines of the Olmypus FE-230 etc.. just to catch those "snapshots" nothing crazy fancy.. with the ability to take the odd little movie clip too.

but just trying to find out where I'm going to get the best bang for the buck.. aiming more for $200, but willing to go as high as $300.

Thanks for the input

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Hi Drifting,

Your in the same position as I am. Many times I find myself with my carryon and my computer bag with no room for my Pentax SLR. What I have found useful is to carry my Point and Shoot - which is an old Canon SD500 (one of the elph systems) that is the size of a deck of cards, and fits into the shirt/pants pocket VERY easily. It also takes great pictures. I would suggest doing several things. As an example, Canon has a new system - same size, the SD800IS, 7MP with image stablization, takes movie clips and uses SD cards, which goes for around $290 new - http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...opic_id=577827

However go to the main review page off the main page (our reviews) -
and start selecting the camera that suits your needs, and there are quite a few Olympus units to look at also. I will say that Canon's SD series - the ELPH line was specifically designed for everything you are looking for.

Others here, can provide much more information on the Oly, than I can, but your problem does have a solution. I was going to say that - I would limit my search to cameras that have the same memory media as the E-500, however since it appears to use the CF media, the P&S that use the SD and SDHC media are smaller, which would help size wise.

Looking at the list for Oly there is the Oly Stylus 1000, 10MP, Image Stablized, does movies and is about the same size as Canon's ELPH line and is about $200

... others could tell you how good the images and movies are, but its a start.

Hope that helps....
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