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- Is there any safe way to check the shutter counter of a second-hand dslr ?

- How much - roughly of course - does it cost to replacea DSLRcamera shutter ?

Thanks a lot

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It depends on the camera model. For some of the Nikon DSLR models, it's in the makernotes when you take a photo if you have software that's able to decode it. The free IExif from Opanda can do that (show you how many shutter actuations there are by looking at this makernotes tag in the EXIF).


For many other models, you'd need to have the manufacturer's service software to see it (or know the key combinations needed to get into the hidden service menus for models that have service software built into firmware). But, the manufacturers don't release these keycodes or their service software to the public.

As for shutter replacement, it's going to depend on the camera. I'd expect around $300 for an entry level model.

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For Nikon this utility should do it nicely!
It says it can get the activation count for the D50, D70(s), D2H(s), D2X, D200


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