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Hi Y'all,

My first post here, and I am totally unqualified to portray myself as some kind of camera guru or expert....

but here it is...

In my opinion, the Olympus 770SW is basically junk. It has two things going for it...It's fairly rugged and can be dropped in your pocket and it is small enough to be dropped in your pocket.

It is not waterproof is my main concern. I live in the tropics, on a small Caribbean island, and I bought this camera because of the specs and the great reviews. But less than a year after I bought it, it started developing problems as soon as it got submerged a couple of feet. It doesn't flood..(That would be a blessing, actually), it just stops working. I have twice now baked it at 180 deg. and got it working again. I talked to Olympus and of course they tell you to send it back...but if you read the fine print.....if it leaks...tough noogies.

but my main problem with it is the software. It cannot take a decent telephoto image. I have tried a thousand times. It's just rubbish, out of focus, bad exposure. I think there is something wrong with the way the autofocus works. There is no manual way to just set it for infinity. But I have yet to be able to get a single zoom pic out of this thing.

There are other software issues, like, why would you buy a camera that has an alarm clock function. Why would you want a "my favorite" thing going on....I mean,you just want to take photos and process them, right? I don't know what the Olympus people were thinking with all the useless bells and whistles, but this thing really should take a lesson from Sony. It's a camera. Not a place to store your favorite photos. Not an alarm clock.

And while you are at it...make it waterproof, and fix the infinity focus.

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I'd never bake anything electronic at 180F. You're at the ragged edge or beyond what they will take even in a non-operating mode. 130F max if I was going to try baking.
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