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MacTreoUser wrote:
... or Shop in and try out cam by cam?

I think you have narrowed down your choices to two very good cameras, using the reviews and the advice you reveived here.

Now, you need to see which one you feel most comfortable using. When you find it, buy it.
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Reviews from the internet help but user's reviews can help you more.

Sometimes a camera is quite bad, but people seems to like it. Sometimes a camera is good, but people finds it difficult to use.

I read many Fuji S700/S5700 reviews and they say it has a terible purple fringing. That made me exclude S5700 from my list. But when I read user's reviews, they say it's a good camera and they love it. I think I'm gonna recommend it to my Dad.
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i went with the S9100 to the FZ50, partly because of the higher noise from the panasonic, but using my S9100 at ISO 400 there's a fair amount of noise in the shadows, and it does show in 8x10 prints. on the other hand, the videos from the S9100 are really nice and i love all the manual controls. btw, i haven't needed image stabilization - i just turn up the shutter speed.

still, if you're not planning to shoot videos with your camera, i'd go with the pentax k100D, which has less noise than either of them and is similar in price - i believe it's actually cheaper than the panasonic.
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Ya Chris,what you said is true..depent on photographer...

Actually what i;m still wondering is both i like it..but some short function in each another...like FZ50 only 35mm wide,S9600 NO IS fucntion,FZ50 shuttle speedy,S9600 do have Enlarge Focus Check...

Really difficult to choose..some said just go for DSLR seems the price are almost the same...
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I'd like to pick DSLR myself, butI'm not a pro and don't think I can afford the lenses. Pentax K100D is a good one. If they sell it with zoom lens up to 300mm at the same price as S9600, I'll buy one too:G.

But then again, I need movie recording capability and even though it requires huge space in the memory card, the video is nice (although it may not be able to focus fast enough).

The reason i bought S9600 was to use it as a learning tool. If I use simple point n shoot, I won't be able to use manual mode.

And like i've said in Fuji forum, choose which feature you can't live with.
I'm in Indonesia and I don't think I can easily get FZ batteries4 or5 years from now (unlessI import it, and it's risky). On the other hand, I think AA will still be sold until the next...i don't know...10 years maybe?
OK, i'm getting too far. Let's just say, i'm in a small village and my batteries are dead. Should I wait for 2 hours to charge FZ batt or should i buy 4 AAs from a local store and use it instantly to take the next wonderful moment? Make it worse, what if the village doesn't have electricity (or power down)? They surely have AA to power their clocks, radios, flashlights, etc. That's one of my reasons.

Do I want IS? YES, but rightnowi have to learn how live without it.
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