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Old Sep 23, 2007, 3:37 PM   #1
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Okay, I'm so confused. I am trying to replace my Sony DSC H5 which died. I know that I am not getting a DSLR. I just don't want to deal with the extra effort one requires. But I do really want to get the best camera for my needs.

So, right now I am looking at choosing between those 4, Canon S5, Canon G9, Sony H9, Panasonic FZ8K. I have gotten a side-by-side spec comparison click here. Please note, I am NOT tied to just one of those 4. I am open to any other suggestions.

I do a lot of shooting of nightlife, and I prefer to do so without flash, using ambient light. So, I really need something with good low-light capability. I also do wildlife photography. And I do some action stuff, too. A little bit of everything, as you can see. If you get the urge, you can wander around my gallery to get an idea of what I like.

At this point, price is no issue. I just really need some help in deciding which one would be best for my needs.
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This won't help, but I've got it narrowed down to the G9 and the FZ18. I'm torn between the Canon quality andthe incredible zoom range of the FZ18 for such a light camera. At least I've got the choice down to 2!

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If you expect to do a significant amount of shooting indoors, the hot shoe of the S5 is a big, big plus.

I have another ultra zoom p&s that only has onboard flash. I find myself in situations where I wish I had an external flash that is electrically linked to the camera.

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Old Sep 25, 2007, 12:20 AM   #4
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Coachjames, why don't you include Fuji S6000/S6500 or S9100/S9600 if you want a low light capability? Fuji's SuperCCD is known to have an advantage in low light situation.

From what I've seen at your gallery, I think Fuji's SuperCCD will fit. It has a good low light capability. S6000 and S9100 don't have IS but if you want to freeze the action, IS won't help much.

You only use ambient light? But I thought some ofyour "bright" pictures were taken using flash (I believe the underexposed ones were taken without flash). If you only use built-in flash, then you must choose the most powerful one.

As long as i remember, Sony H9 has "infra red night vision" (correct me if i'm wrong). Will that help the nightlife shooting?

But if you really need long zoom range, then you must choose between FZ18, Olympus SP560UZ, or Fuji S8000 (no SuperCCD).

Perhaps the articulated LCD on Canon S5, Sony H9, Panasonic FZ50, or Fuji S9100 can help you to take pictures from different angle.

For a wildlife or landscape, 28mm is a good start.
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Chris, thanks for the heads up on the Fuji. I will check that out. I do use some flash when I absolutely cannot get a shot without it, but I prefer not to. Sometimes I just wait until the lights swing around. Even if it means shots are underexposed, I'd rather catch the ambient colors than whitewashing everything.
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