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I am looking to spend under $300 on a digital camera. I am an Art Director, and have no need for editing functions as I use photoshop daily. Most of my shots are of my daughter, and I use them in my artwork up to 8x10. My biggest concerns are:

• Need quick shutterspeed - when photographing my daughter I need instant capture. Recently tried using a friends camera and missed every single shot. Frequently shoot 100 shots in a matter of minutes to get a great series.
• Often use low light to shoot - prefer this look to flat flash look. Low light results in 20% beautiful "ambiance" shots, 80% are too soft in focus. Don't know if Image Stability or
• MBs - I use my shots to blow up and manipulate up to 11x14.
Familiar with Canons and Nikons. Last camera was a SD600 (lost) so thought I'd go with the 1000, until I started reading reviews. Now looking at A570 or 640. I change my mind as I read more, so need specific advice!

Priorities: 1) shutter speed (need instant capture - no delay 2) Image quality, 3) low light 4) enough video to capture baby walking, etc.

• Battery - I recharge nightly.
• Any editing functions that can be performed in Photoshop (ie redeye, sepia).
• Size - doesn't need to fit in my pocket.
• Less concern is zoom as I'll crop in Photoshop

I've been looking at Canon's as I am very familiar with them. Just had my SD600 stolen and was initially thinking of going with the SD1000 but have since been reading and think the A640 or A710 is a better option. I would be willing to spend more if there is a perfect pricier option for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I've been going in circles reading all of the reviews on all of the websites. I'd like to purchase this week as I'm missing great opportunities! Thank you so much!


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If I were you I would buy the Canon S3IS...

It has 12X zoom and Optical Image stabilization...

Don't fall the my cam has more megapixel than yours game....

6MP is more than enough for travelling and family shots...

You can grow with this camera and then you can jump to DSLR's...

God luck...
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You might want to take a look at the Canon S5IS. Its a few dollars over the $300 budget you have but may be worth the jump, unless you want to go DSLR.

1. Ambience shots - the hot shoe will allow you more creative shots avoiding the direct flash "flat" looking shot you mentioned. You can do bounce flash shots and, with the right flash, have just the right amount of flash for your needs.

2. Video - you mentioned doing video. This camera has very good video quality.

3. Photo size - at high quality setting, you should have no problem printing your 11" x 14" photos you mentioned.

Hope these inputs help.
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