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I'm sure this question exists on this forum but I'm still a bit confused as to which one would be a better bet considering I'm a beginner and buying my first DSLR, the Nikon D40 or the Nikon D40x. I'v read quite a few of the reviews online and both seem to be great cameras but since the the D40x is a newer model with a few changes here and there is it acutally worth spending that extra $200.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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There are a few minor differences between them, but the primary difference between the D40 and the D40x is the image sensor. The D40 uses a 6MP image sensor, while the D40x uses a 10MP image sensor.

The advantage of the D40x is that the higher resolution will allow you to printyour photos in larger sizes, and crop your images more, beforepixelation becomes noticable.

The disadvantageof the D40x is thatthe higher pixel density will result in more noise at higher ISO settings.

The higher resolution image sensor is a major advantage, while I think the greater noise at higher ISO settings is a minor disadvantage. This isespecially true if you won't be doing a lot of shooting at high ISO settings, such as low light with dim lenses and/or fast shutter speeds without flash.

Another consideration is that the D40 is only available with the kit lens, but the D40x body is available without a lens. This means that if you will be doing a lot of low ligh and/or fast shutter speeds without flash, you can get a lens that's better suited to it than Nikon's kit lens. But that will cost more.
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I personally like the 6 mp sensor that's used in the D40 over the 10 mp sensor used in the D40X. It really depends on what you will be taking - are you going to be taking mostly indoor pictures (in which case the less noise with the D40 would be higher on your list of priorities)? Are you into wildlife/birding (having the extra mp would be nice if you are cropping a fair amount - the D40X has the advantage here)? If you are going to be doing a little bit of everything and just want an all-around camera then either one would work. The biggest pictures I've printed have been 8x10 and haven't had any loss of quality witha 6 mp camera. I've also read that the Nikon kit lens is one of the better ones on the market (I happen to shoot Pentax and still use the kit lens I got almost 2 years ago, never felt the need to upgrade).

So it mainly comes down to what do you want to do with your camera.
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