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Now that Steve has reviewed the SD950, I am still confused. His review of the 950 was not to enthusiastic. I am ready to purchase either the 950, or the 850. I need some expert advise on which one will give me the better IQ? Please help. Thanks

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Hi Stu,

I have an older SD500 ELPH and do really like it and still use it even though I have a dSLR. There are times that on business travel that my Pentax will not fit and the ELPH fits just fine.

On to your question on IQ between the two models. They are pretty much the same camera with just a few differences. They use the same image processor, etc. so they will be pretty much the same on that point. The differences are essentially.
model mp zoom
950 12mp 3.7x
850 8mp 4x
The sensor size is essentially the same, with on having 8mp and the other 12mp. The pixels are going to be closer together on the 950 with 12mp thus are subject to potentially noise from adjacent pixels. The DIGC III process is the same for both models, however I would suspect the software would be "tuned" for each sensor to provide the optimum image. The difference in zoom factor is essentially no difference so its a push.

They both have image stabilization one feature that my SD500 does not have that my Pentax SLR does have. I consider this a real improvement. There are a number of shots I took with the ELPH that I wish I had the stablization feature available on the SD500.

In reading Steve's reviews, I really did not see him pan one over the other. I think I read a very thoughtful review of each. Steve was not comparing one against the other, he was attempting to provide a set of observations unto each one. I would believe he would be very happy to use either one.

To tell you the truth, our youngest son is going to college next year - wants to be the next Iron Chef America (thinking about working another 3 years to send him to CIA in New York), so I will be giving him my SD500, and will be picking up a new ELPH - which one? ... I really do not know - if its between these two - I could not go wrong with either one. I really might be tempted to go with the 850 - why? It just might have a bit less noise (how much less is debatable and maybe not detectable). I am very happy with my current 7MP ELPH - do I really need 12MP images taking up 33% more room on my disk drive - will they be any better? - probably not that I could really see (old eyes with glasses). Will I really be blowing images up to 2 feet by 3 feet posters - probably not. Will I really be cropping the images - probably not (I like to stitch landscapes in to panoramas).

Hope that helps....

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