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Hi everybody,

In terms of the basics, I'm thinking up to $400, ultracompact, 7 to 8 MP. The more zoom the better. (5x on sony is a plus and I'm tempted by the panasonic dmc tz3). Image quality is very important to me in general, I don't like missing a good shot. I've previously had a Nikon Coolpix 3100 which has been great, but it's time to move up.

I was almost set on the Sony T200 (the 5x zoom being a plus) but I've seen a few website reviews and a handful of user reviews claiming poor photo quality indoors, in low light, or in general. It is quite confusing to me however that some other in depth and systematic reviews find the sony's picture quality to be excellent. (The 200 hasn't been widely reviewed yet, so I've been looking at a lot of the T100 reviews).

I started looking at Canons because of this. The 870 has a 28 mm equivalent wide angle lens which I like. (I also looked at the 850). Every review on the Canons suggests that their image quality is excellent. Downsides include 3.8x zoom, a hint that red eye is more of a problem, and the fact that it is physically a bit wider than the sony.

As I said above I'm thinking about the panasonic dmc tz3 but I have read in some places that the image quality is mediocore. The big zoom is tempting.

Any good cameras I'm missing?

Hope somebody can help my indecision, thanks!
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Hey had ou ever made up your ming? I have the same dilema. And have read probably the same postings and expert analysis you have. ie. reading full technicalreviews on only the T100 not having found any indepth review yet of the T200. Who really knows... I went to Best Buy tonight and took side by side pictures of bothe cameras. I have yet to get them on the computer to look at them.. If your interested in the findings then email me: [email protected].. two eyes are better than one eh.. Later

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So did someone select any of these two cameras?

I am also thinking between the two.

Canon has got the good reviews (pro and user) almost everywhere.

Sony has got some scary user reviews.

Though I am not a big fan of Sony, however, itsspecs large lcd, touchscreen, high zoom are making me inch towards it.

any reply on this will be highly appreciated.

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