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OK, as some of you know already, I am a total newbie.

All the info I found on this forum has been amazing, but it took me time "matching" all the data Itried tounderstandwith prices, and eventually of course, whichharware wouldbe the best bang for the buck.

May I suggest this forum to open a thread with the same idea ? No suggestion is good without concrete proposals. I therefore compiled some data into a web page. Please feel free to copy the page into the site, correct it, improve it (easy :roll

Here is the page : http://www.cameralift.com/pairingcomparison.html

Hopefully this would ease a lot other newbies' job.

I only mentioned Canon and Nikon. Of course other brands should be included. Prices are approximative, for new hardware only, and would obviously go down for refurbished or second hand.



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Interesting read. I certainly like your approach to organizing the information.

The problem is - much of what is 'best' is very subjective. I doubt you could ever get consensus for what the 'best' kit is for each of your categories. Just looking at your selections there are some I agree with and some I don't. But that's OK. It doesn't make you or me "wrong". It's just that what provides the best bang for the buck is suggestive. I'm guessing if you had 10 seasoned photographers put together this same type of chart you'd end up with 10 different results - much of it colored by their own experience (naturally)

Also - I think some of your prices must be assuming used gear (a canon 1.4x TC doesn't cost $80 new for example).

So I think it was a great exercise for you to choose your kit and I think you're absolutely free to share that with others (as long as you state freely you determined 'best proven' based upon research and not actual experience with the equipment - not knocking you at all here but a list like this could be interpreted as based on first-hand experience which it is not). But I would disagree with publishing this, or any, list as a defacto "this is the best kit" list.

Just my opinion. Others may feel differently.
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What concerns me is the maintenance of this list. Even if a consensus could be reached today, since it crosses all kinds of natural boundaries in these forums, determining who would be able to, for instance, modify the Canon -Indoor Sports category but not the Nikon - Wildlife category would be a substantial task all by itself.

And who decides if a particular manufacturer just doesn't have anything in their product line that qualifies as 'Best Bang for the Buck.'

Also, as good as it is, Steve's Best Cameras List hasn't been modified since March. The timeliness of this list would always be in doubt.

While it is a good way for one person to organize his or her thoughts,I think its inclusion here would always be a source of controversy and divisiveness. (... like we don't already have enough of that. [suB]:-)[/suB] )

But I applaud your altruism.
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Thx for answering and for understanding that I do not intend to highjack this great forum, that was simply a newbie suggestion as specialists sometimes forget they have been newbies themselves at some time in the past. Believe me, digital cameras make the choice really difficult to make for a new guy.I suppose it was easier before digital. I am maybe wrong., but the avalanche of new models every 6 months makes it tough !I guess we are spoiled...

Regarding this list, I was actually thinking of some kind of poll where most voted lenses for each subject (macro, portrait, sport, landscape, etc ) would make the voted lenses appear in the "best bang for the buck" list. That explains the choice of the word "proven" as indeed the votes would represent some experience.

Believe me, this grid would be really useful for a newbie.

If you look at most questions asked in this forum, answered are most of the time : it depends on what you want to do, then specialists propose solutions. That grid is exactly the same and would avoid asking again and again the same questions.

The vote would also eliminate conflicts as I can indeed read some posts where people are getting emotional on "my lens is better than yours", etc... People must really be passionate to argue about a lens Anyway, both sides are always very interesting to read during these written "debate" as one always learn from both.
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