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So I'm 16 years old and I just want to capture the moments of school and the "I wish you were there" moments with friends, so I need something that can record around15 mins of video(although longer is better). I also want to be able to take photos, mostly I'll be taking photos of friends, objects, and maybe some scenery(very little scenery). So I want a camera that can take a good amount of video and have room for an extra 20 pictures or so of decent quality. I am willing to spend up to 150 dollars on the camera and of course I want the 30fps while video recording to make smooth videos. So, please give me your suggestions on what you think will be best and why don't you have any normal smileys O_O

Ty for your help =)

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Did a scan and found a Nikon 7600 that does 30fps and its on sale for about $60. You will need an SD card for storage and it takes AA batteries. Don't know anything about the retailer.



You can also do your own scan here looking for whatever, then look up the model information here at Steve's...


Hope this helps!
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That price looks bogus, and if you click on it, it takes you to a page with a battery for sale and no $60 camera. ;-)

This is a discontinued camera model. You're probably better off with a camera that more dealers actually stock, versus dealers with questionable reputatations that often have listings for discontinued cameras that they may not actually stock.

We have a price search engine here that you may find helpful (and using this one versus someone elses helps to support this site, too). Here's an example of digital cameras priced from $80-$140:


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Well from that specific list I got it down to these three...any suggestions?

Also if you have any recommended cameras for my price range with the features I wantthat you ownit would be helpful.

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It's a few bucks more but the Canon A630 would be my choice.
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Regarding your 3 links:

The first one is not to a camera at all but to an accessory kit.
The second one is to the Nikon L12 which is good but has a problem with low-light focusing.
The third one is to the Samsung S630 which has gotten mixed reviews.

For around the price you want to pay, I'd go with either the Canon A570IS (for around $165), the Fuji A820, the Panasonic LZ7 or LS75, or the Nikon L11 (which you can now get for about $110).

Also, try to get your camera at a brick and morter store like Best Buy, Circuit City or Ritz so you can bring it in if you have problems. if you're mailordering, stick with stores like Newegg, Beach Camera, Buydig, B&H or Adorama. For more information about mailordering, look to http://www.resellerratings.com
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For less than $150, you can get the Canon A560, but if you can spend a little extra money, I recommend, like Andy, the A570IS since it has optical image stabilization. It can also use SD and SDHC cards, which are cheap. Lastly, it uses AA batteries. Get a couple of good rechargeable AA's and a charger and you are set.
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Ty for all your help, I've decided on the A570 IS. It means it'll take me another couple weeks to order the camera, but I'm hoping that it's worth the wait. Ty you all =)

You still don't have a regular smiley smiley.....
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