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I've had a lot of camera issues. I started out with a Kodak z740. When I called Kodak because I was unhappy with the action shots I got from it, they told me that it was a still shot type camera. So I went to best buy and explained what happened and what I needed. The guy sold me a Canon Powershot SD450.The problems I keep having are pictures being blurred and overexposure for the flash. I have 2 kids so most everything is action. If I take a picture with the flash, the flash washes the picture out, if I turn the flash off then if they move at all they are blurred. Canon told me to go to the manual setting and change the ISO to 400 and not use the flash. I did this but I'm still having a problem with blurring, I mean if my son moves his arm, the picture is fine except his arm is blurred. I'm not looking for a lot, I just want to be able to take pictures of my babies, lol.

Someone suggested a fuji camera to me. I am trying to get help from people that know more about this than I do. Does any have any suggestions about whether I should keep the camera I have or buy a new one. If you think I should keep it do you have any suggestions on getting better pictures. I take pictures inside with 2-3 lights on in the room. The rooms aren't dark but it isn't outside sunlight either. Thanks, Jessica
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Fuji had a nice thing going for a while where they produced cameras with great high ISO performance (for a non-DSLR anyway). The problem is they like other manufacturers are a victim of their own marketing. Camera makers sold the public on the notion that the number of megapixels in a camera is the single most important indicator of quality. So they keep cramming more megapixels on the same size sensor. What this means is from every review I've seen, the current crop of Fuji cameras is much worse than the prior generation in terms of high ISO performance.

But as someone who takes a LOT of action shots I can tell you this from experience - very often in a living room type environment even a DSLR with expensive lens isn't up to the task of stopping motion without flash.

So, I would caution against trying to go the high ISO route.

So what do I suggest? I suggest going with a camera that has a hot-shoe for an external flash. That external flash can be bounced off the ceiling so you don't get a washed out look. But you need to make sure the flash is bouncable. There are some made-for-digicam flashes that are not bouncable.

I believe a number of people using the Canon s5-IS with 430EX flash have had great success. But the combo is not cheap.

I shoot a lot of low light sports so I know a thing or two about what is required to stop action. But I also know that most living rooms don't have the same amount of light a high school gym does. So when I shoot in a living room unless I know my subject is going to be still I absolutely use a flash because I know I can't get a fast enough shutter speed without it.

So to sum up - no need to get a DSLR. But you'll have the best chance for success using a digicam with a hot shoe and using a QUALITY bouncable flash unit. That will solve most of your problems.
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to stop motion with any camera, you must use a faster shutter speed, and without a flash or daylight, you'll possibly/probably need more light to do that. a higher ISO setting would also help as long as your shutter is fast enough.

personally i have better luck with a dslr doing this because of the better image quality at higher ISO settings, but you might do okay with an S3 or S5 if you're only doing standard snapshot sized prints.
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