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My mom is 70 years old and somewhat computer literate, but definately not a techie and absolutely not a camera bug. She has decided that she wants a digital camera for Christmas to replace her old point and shoot film camera. She takes pictures when she is on vacation and when relatives visit, etc. She's not looking to win awards but wants 'nice' shots.

Help! Because I will end up teaching her how to use this from charging batteries to clearing the memory card. We need to keep it simple.

I want to spend from $200 - $300 dollars. If we go over a bit, that's fine.

I'm looking for a camera with some zoom capability that has optical image stabilization; Mom isn't as steady as she used to be, so this is a must. It needs to be a point and shoot that has a reasonable user interface; she'll never take it off automatic. She would like it to be on the smaller side but wantsa "good sized" display.

Any suggestions out there? I am eye-ing the Canon A720 or the SD800.Will these fit the bill oris there something else out there I should consider?
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I think the Canon A720 IS would be a great choice for her. She might also like the Kodak Z712 or Z812. Kodaks are usually quite easy to use. Both have 12X optical zoom and fairly big displays. For the money, I think they are good ultrazooms.

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I'd steer away from the Kodak Z812 IS. It's bulky, and I've had several problems with it.

I'm currently on my second [highlight= #88ffff]Z812[/highlight] IS! I purchased my first one from Best Buy, and the thing crapped out on me after 16 days. They of course were not helpful, anddid not want to exchange the camera, nor refund my money. They shipped it out to be repaired, and the shop couldn't repair it, so Best Buy finally ended up exchanging it for me. (2 weeks later) The problem was that upon powering up, the lens would come out, then retract almost all the way in, and stay frozen like that.

Current issues that I'm facing with the replacement (also brand new) is that it:

1. Absolutely sucks the life out of AA batteries (get some Klic8000 rechargeables, not CRV3's as they power off quicker, even when there's plenty of juice)

2. I get the "unrecognized file format" with the 4gb SDHC card, as well as a 1gb SD card. (A-Data, and Kingston respectively)

3. I randomly get messages stating that the card is not formatted, even though I have already done so

4. LCD screen turns off when transferring photos via easyshare software, whereas it used to stay on. (checked EVF button)

I've had so many issues with this camera, that I am quite franklydiscouraged to EVER buy another [highlight= #ffff88]KODAK[/highlight] again. It's such a contrast in performance to the DX 7630 I used to have. The listed features seem great, and if they worked flawlessly, and the camera wasn't so bulky, I'd love it. But unfortunately that's not the case.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions, as I feel I've tinkered around with the camera enough to know a decent amount about it.

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Your Mom would probably like the Panasonic LZ7. 6x optical zoom, very effective optical image stabilization, excellent pictures, solid build quality. I've seen it for sale online for less than $150.
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