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So I just bought the Canon XTI as an upgrade from the digital rebel 300D.Because of where i work(electronics retail) I got the XTI and the standard 18-55mm lens for $750 before tax.Today I found A Canon 30D for sale that was a demo camera(VERY lightly used) for $850 body only.
As the XTI has a higher pixel count im assuming i'd be getting higher resolution pictures and therefore it's the better camera,but,the 30Ds body seems alot more sturdy and it has a few things diferent like faster burst modes and is more expensive and this is whats confusing me.
So my questions is should I stay with the XTI or is the 30D that much more of a better camera that it's worth me paying an extra $100???
any advice would help and be greatly appreciated.

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TheEOS Camera System Brochure Fall 2007contains a comparison chart of all Canon EOS SLRs anddSLRs. You might useit to comparethe features of the 30D with those of the XTi.

From what I can see, the 30D is 8MP while the XTi is 10MP,the 30D can do 5 fps while the XTi can only do up to 3,the 30D uses a pentaprism whichshould be brighter than the XTi's pentamirror, and the 30D is heavier. There are a few other points, so you should check for yourself to see if there's something I've left out that's important to you.

Tough call. I'd like the 10MP, but I'd also like the pentaprism (which is probably where a good part of the weight is coming from.)
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I have a friend who has a 30D and yes the MP is only 8.2 or something...but the pictures are fantastic. There is more to top quality pictures then just MPs and the 30D is a fine example .

I have handled both...the 30D is robust , almost at a pro level...maybe at a pro level. The Xti is not at the same level, IMO.

I favour the 30D , but maybe that is just me.
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Think of it this way. The image quality from the 2 cameras is almost identical, but the XTI has slightly higher resolution, so will take slightly larger prints with less work or give a little more leeway for cropping.

In every other respect (than image quality) the 30D is a better camera.

I would choose the 30D every time because it is a much nicer tool.
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Ok,thanks alot guys I think im gonn ago with the 30D.
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