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what is a better camera? They seems very similar aside from the image sensor and a difference of $100. Can someone suggest which one is a better buy?
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I know the original post is almost 2 months old, but just in case someone else has the same question, I wanted to post this: I bought the 950IS just before Christmas and after one day of use, I took it back and got the 870. I really liked everything about the 950, 12.1 MP, the little viewfinder (that the 870 lacks), the cool look of the shiny metal body...But, theVERY noticable shutter-lag killed the 950 for me. I missed half of the special moments on Christmas morning. I was so dissapointed after an hour of use, I boxed it up and took out my old Canon SLR. Steve's conclusion on the 950IS said: "Shutter lag, the delay between depressing the shutter button and capturing an image, was almost instantaneous (less than 1/10 of a second) when pre-focused, and only 5/10 of a second including autofocus. In single frame drive mode, the shot to shot delay averaged 2.1 seconds without flash, and 2.4 seconds..."My feeling was thatthe shutter lag was worse than 5/10 second. (I was using a new "SanDisk Ultra II" 4.0 GB SD chip.) It just seemed that even with the shutter button half depressed, or "pre-focused"it still tried to re-focus and re-set the exposure. I was using it under normal Christmas morning indoor lighting. Its slow shutter and slow auto-focus reminded me of my old Canon G-6 that I gave away two years ago (because of the same shutter lag issue). I really thought that after 3-4 years, that Canon had made strides with shutter lag on the point & shoot cameras. I guess I was wrong. Aftergoing back to the store this AM (Dec. 26), the salesperson convinced me to trythe 870IS in the store under similar conditions. Although there was still a shutter lag, the 870IS wasMUCH quicker than the 950IS. The salesperson theorized that it must be the 8 mega-pixel vs the 12 Mega Pixel sensor? After several side-by side comparison shots, the870's lag was only 1/10-2/10's second vs. 6/10's+ per second lag for the 950IS. That 1/2+ second delay on the 950ISis just too long. I'll do without the 12 mp sensor and the viewfinder for less shutter lag. (If shutter lag doesn't bother you, than I'd buy the 950IS.)

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How do you like the 870 IS? I am considering purchasing one but lag time is a huge concern of mine too.
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I have a similar doubt, sd850is vs. sd870is.

I haven't considered sd950is because I definitely don't need so many MPs.

I don't like the fact buildings or walls look distorted in those cameras. Apparently almost every compact camera has barrel distortion and I read somewhere that can be fixed using a program.

I guess sd850is produces slightly sharper pictures, but that's my personal impression from photos I have seen on flickr and some user reviews I have read.

But I think if you are planning to take a lot of landscape photos or maybe photos of a large group of people, you should consider sd870is.


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