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I have been reading up on DSLR's and checking out the local photo store, but now I am more confussed than ever. I currently now have a Kodak Z7590. It's good camera, but I am starting to find I want to do more. I am also starting to get really frustrated with the lag time when trying to take lots of pics really quickly. I am more of a point and shoot camera person right now but want to expand my knowledge and do more.

I take alot of landscape, and nature (close up and distant ) pics, trying to do fire works. and a few people pics. Here are a few of my pics. I can literally go for a walk and come home with a couple hundred pics.








Due to bugetry constraints I am limited to either a Cannon rebel xt/i or the Nikon D40/x cameras.

The local photo shop told me that i'd be better off with nikon because the nikon lense is better that the the canon lense. I do not if that is true or not. I am however wondering if going with cannon might be better than nikon because the older lenses are more compatible? I also told him I was thinking of a 10mp camera because the one I have is a 5mp and if I'll going to put the money I want to make it worth while and up grade to a higher mega pixal, but he told me that a 6mp slr camera would be alot better than what I have now. Is that true? How big of a picture can one get made using these cameras? With my Kodak I have done 16x20's and they look great.

The local store is also having a bundle sale right now, but I don't know if the lenses will give more zoom than what I have now with my z7590.

Is this a good deal from my local shop? Are the lenses any good?


Has anyone had and dealings with express cameras .com? I wonder if they deliver to Canada?


I'm looking for advice on witch camera would fit my needs the best. I know that I will have to start with the 18 - 55 bundle unless I get the Christmas bundle they always bring out this time of year as shown in the local shop link and work my way up. I just need a good starting place.

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Your list of interests sounds similar to mine, I do lots of flowers, and landscape (lots of day-hiking), with some insects and birds, a bit of architecture, occasional street shots etc. I'm very happy with my Pentax cameras (I'm lucky enough to have both the K10 and the K100).

The good news is that all of the so-called budget dSLR cameras are capable of taking pictures like the ones you posted (loved the butterfly). I've read that Canon's kit lens isn't as good as the othermanufacturerskit lenses, but I wouldn't pick a camera solely based on the kit lenses, especially since from your pictures, I would guess that you wouldn't use it all that much. You'll want a relatively long telephoto right off to get your bird shots, so if I were you, I'd be looking at lens choices along with the camera body prices. I'd also look at the Pentax K100 and perhaps K10 also since you are on a budget. At the moment they are priced very competitively and you canoccasionally pick up excellent old lenses for much less than new lenses (used to say often, but they've become popular andit'sgetting harder to find decent deals). Just be aware that a 30 year old manual lens won't suddenly become auto focus/auto exposure (though it will still take nice pictures).

The samples of pictures I've seen of the D40 have been excellent. The camera won't auto focus with many Nikon lenses - if you decide to get one, make sure that the lenses youneed will have the capability you want (manual focus might or might not be a problem for you). The Canon has better compatibility with lenses, and that could easily be more important for you.

The Pentax K100 is a 6 mp camera while the K10 is 10 mp (I've read that both Pentax and Nikon use the same Sony sensors but I have no way of verifying that). The 6 mp sensor has less noise at higher ISOs than the 10 mp sensor - noticeable at 1600 ISO. If you are shooting outside or in reasonably good light it wouldn't make a difference because you would most likely be using lower ISOs (exception could be macro photography). On the other hand, recently I've been taking pictures of tiny raindrops on pine needles and have been happy to have the extra pixels for cropping. I tend to use the two cameras interchangeably, keeping one type of lens on one camera and a different one on the other. I can't help you about printing size - I've only printed up to 8x10 with either camera (and liked the results from both cameras). I wouldn't rule out the D40 just because it is "only" a 6 mp camera.

Before buying from any on-line camera store, check out their ratings at resellerratings.com - express cameras gets a very poor rating.
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The Sony A-100, and the Olympus E-410 and E-510 two lens kits are some other good choices in your price range, I personally thought that Carman's was to high on their prices. Stay away from Express!

Sarah Joyce
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