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Ok, so i am looking for my first video camera as a christmas present. I am trying to decide between the Sanyo Hd 700 and the Sony MinidvDCR-HC28. Here are some points to consider:
  • I am getting married next year, and we have a lot of get togethers scheduled. I would like footage of these. [/*]
  • I will also be travelling to Mexico on a honeymoon, and i would like to not have to worry about size / tapes [/*]
  • HD is a huge benefit [/*]
  • Cost is a big point - cheaper the better, but i dont want a piece of junk [/*]
  • I have a new iMac to import all my video to (seems like flash based importing is a little easier) [/*]
  • I am not looking for a professional grade cam - just something that will take decent video and work well.
Anyway, if you cannot already tell, i am leaning towards the Sanyo, but I want to make sure i make the right decision.

What do you guys think? Thanks!

EDIT- I would also be open to any other suggestions for models. Thanks!

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With a little luck, some of our forum members may be familiar with these camera models and respond.

Howver, this site is geared mostly towards digital cameras that take still photos (and many also record video now). You'll find many good reviews of popular digital camera models.

But, http://www.steves-digicams.com does not yet review Camcorders in the market niche you're looking at.

So, you may be better off trying to find a site that specializes in that type of product if video is your only consideration.

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Thanks for the help Jim. I have been looking all over for reviews of both of these, and i stumbled upon a post on this forum reviewing the HD700, so I thought I would ask.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Hopefully someone has something - if not, I enjoy reading these forums anyway. Everyone seems so helpful!

Thanks again!
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I recently bought an HD700 to record my newborn son and really wanted something that was small and easy to tote around.

One of the main selling points was the fact that I didn't have to mess with tapes. Just shoot the video and import onto my Macbook Pro - doesn't get much easier. Since you have a new iMac, you'll find that the new iMovie works great for the H.264 clips that it records in.

So far, the camera has been great, but it does have tradeoffs. For example, the low light recording is pretty bad, so you'll have to flip some lights on or else the video comes out pretty noisy. I've noticed that the video comes out much better if you adjust the manual settings (iso, aperture, etc..) in the same way you would a normal digital camera rather than letting the camera do it.

The other negative that I've discovered is that the electronic image stabilization could use some work. It basically crops the image and uses the cropped part to compensate for camera shake. It helps, but it feels like I'm always zoomed in a small amount and it's no match for a real image stabilizer. Since the camera is so small, it can be difficult to hold it still.

In good lighting, the HD video looks quite nice, not as nice as a full size HD camcorder, but definitely better than your average SD mini-dv camera.

Like I said, there are trade-offs, but I'm willing to put up with them to have a small camera that fits in my coat pocket (probably a little large for pants pocket unless you're wearing really baggy pants). If I had a larger DV Cam, I think it would sit on the shelf collecting dust because it's too big of a hassle to mess with tapes and to carry around everywhere. Good luck on your decision.
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