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This post is aimed at Sarah but open to all of course. Aimed at Sarah because she owns an FZ7 and an FZ18. My FZ7 has taken over 90,000 shots, and I think the sensor is going. Maybe from amount of use, possibly moisture as I walk a lot and it is around my neck when I do except in severe weather, and the other day the driving wind threw a bunch of snow at me. Camera still under warranty, but for parts only, not labor, and sensor not covered after six months. I am considering another FZ7, FZ8, FZ18, or possibly an FZ50, although that is low on the list

FZ7 (if found), less expensive, plus I have Nikon 3T and 4T macro lenses that would fit it. Plus Olympus C-180 tele converter. And spare battery, but that would fit any of the cameras under consideration.

FZ8, less expensive then choices below, and I would be able to use macro lenses and tele converter with it. I cannot tell from reviews if picture quality would be a step up, the same or a little worse due to different processor and pixel cramming.

FZ18, longer zoom would eliminate my need for tele converter (maybe). I don't know how good current macro lenses would work on that camera though, or how the picture quality would compare for same reasons as FZ8.

Now, about that 18 power zoom: A Panasonic LZ5 has a 6 power zoom and is the equivalent of 222mm on a 35mm camera per Steve's review. The FZ7 and FZ8 are 12 power, and are the equivalent of 420mm on a 35mm camera. So there is a a jump of over 200mm equivalent mm for zoom power difference of 6. Which makes me wonder why there is a difference of only 84mm between the high end of the FZ7/8 and the FZ18 for 6 more power zoom.

FZ50 is considered as it is a good camera per reviews and owners, but is getting larger and more expensive. I don't know that I would need the hot shoe for a flash, but I do shoot birds in flight a lot and one can attach an RDS to a hot shoe. I am fairly good without one though.

I mention expense because no matter what I get it will go with me everywhere, and run the risk of weather related issues or wearing out due to fairly constant use, which is why I have trouble justifying a DSLR at this time.

To see a few shots with a dying sensor; link below is to a post I made in the Panasonic forum.


I have a flickr account with lots of pictures. Mostly nature, but also a lot of Renaissance Faire shots. There is a flickr toy that collects all the pictures that made Explore (some kind of popular) into a poster with links. Link below is to an Explore poster so you can see a nice mix of the kind of nature shots I take all in one place.


Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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