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Hey I replaced my last P&S camera with my Nikon D50 a while ago and never got a smaller camera to carry around when its just not convient to carry around my D50. So my question is what P&S cameras do you guys use/recommend for times when the DLSR just can't be used.
Thanks :?

I don't care at all about video capture/quality as I just want to take pictures.
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Hey Quikster,
I have a D80 and the P&S I chose for those occasions where the Dslr is a pain to carry is the Canon A710 IS..now the A720 IS. Very small. 8 MP, 6x optical zoom, runs forever on two AA batteries, Digic III processor , lots of manual control, image stabilization, etc, etc. I think it's running close to $200.00 USD...far less than what I paid for the 710 a year ago.

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I carry either my R1 ( large) or H9 ( small ) for such situations.

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It's a Sony DSC-V3 for me for important situations. Not really terribly small, but it'll fit in most loose pockets, has a hotshoe adapter, duo memory slots (memory stick and CF) great image quality (unless stopped all the way down) and 7mp. If I need something very small, I have a 3 year old sony DSC-P93. My kids normally use that one, but I've used it to take images that I've sold that have more than paid for the camera. I'm probably looking to get another P&S soon, something that takes SD cards and is even smaller, like one of the newer casio's or canons.
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Old Dec 5, 2007, 1:28 AM   #5
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Panasonic FX01 - nice wideangle lens.
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Canon SD800IS. Small with wide angle.
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Canon A610. They don't make it any more but the current version with the same form factor and manual controls is the A650 with 12mpx and IS.
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Fuji F11. It's a couple years old, and they don't make it anymore, I think the current 8Mp version of it is the F50.
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Old Dec 5, 2007, 9:01 PM   #9
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I bought a ultracompact Casio Exilim EX-S600 after a few months with my DSLR. It's very small and very easy to carry everywhere in my pocket unlike the DSLR.
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Actually my view on this is that pretty much 90% of the P&S cameras on the market today take pictures that are essentially identical under most conditions.

Within their limitations they can produce stunning results, and outside their limitations they're pretty rubbish. The feature differences between them mostly occur in the zones where they're rubbish - e.g. at ISO800 are the results truly disgusting or merely revolting?

So for me the choice comes down to the focal length covered by the lens and how nice it looks. I prefer a 28mm equivalent at the wide end of the zoom and don't really care about how telephoto it goes.

At the time I bought my FX01 it was the only compact that covered the 28mm range, now though there are a few choices.

The other camera that I quite like is the Olympus mju 770/790/etc range because they have an internal zoom and are shock and waterproof. It will probably be my next compact because I can hand it to my young daughter without having to worry about it breaking if she accidentally drops it.

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