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Please Help me figure out what DSLR camera is truly the best in the market now days for under a $1000-

I have 2 pro photographers friends , one recomended Nikon D80
the other the Canon Rebel XTI (both w 10 mg pixels)

i was reading that they are very similar and th ebest of the 2 will be the one with the Better Lenses.

is there another model out there i should consider ? what is better among the D80 & XTI ??

thank you !
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For what purpose. What do you want to shoot more often and in what conditions?

The lens choices will probably be more important than the camera body, depending on how you want to use one. So, make sure to leave some budget for lenses.

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Are you just interested in buying a cheap body, then spending $2,000 on lenses to fit it, or are you looking to buy the best outfit for that price? Makes a difference.

Last night I played with an Olympus E510 and E410 at a local store, and am very impressed with the build quality and lenses for the prices they are selling for. You can buy an E510 with built-in image stabilization and two zooms covering 28-300mm, all for under $700US online, and they are much nicer camera outfits than their pastE500/E300 outfits. If I get back into a DSLR outfit anytime in the future, it's going to be the E510. Small, lightweight, high build and image quality.

If you're going to splurge on lenses, I'd just buywhatever the current version of theDigital Rebel is.
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