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Dxo optics pro is a software lens/es and camera/s correction modules

program but it does'nt cover all camerasand all lenses combinations

It works great if ithas modules for yourlens/es and camera/s.

Newer modules might come out from time to time. It's always

worth checking as to what has been recently introduced.

Presentlyit covers quite alot ofNikon and Canon / lensescombinations

with only a few combinations for other Camera brand names.



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Thanks for the info so far.It has helped me rule out the 18-180 olympus lens as there seem to be a lot of users not happy with it.Most of the nikor and tamron users seem happy with their lenses.

The Tamron with I S looks like it would be pretty good and fit the bill, asI would get it with a 400d as I have already got a dedicated Canon flash .I did not like the Sigma,I tried it with a 400D it seem very rough to me and the expert and user reviews have not been too good.The Nikon +18 200 vr seemed like a rollsroyce by comparison but that was only handling .I was not able to take photos with them as the dealer was too busy!!.
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Good catch.

The Sony & Pentax combos covered by DXO are few indeed.
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