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I've checked both out at stores and it seems the online reviews mostly give the edge to the FZ 18. I do a lot of wildlife and quite often they are quite far away, 150 yards or better. I currently have a 10x optical C765 and love it but I want more optical zoom and good quality. I almost bought the panny but I just don't like the feel of it. I'm sure it's a great camera, it obviously has the best lens, but it feels like a toy as many have mentioned whereas the Oly feels like a real camera in your hand. The issue is they don't have the same price tag. If the panny gets the best reviews then why is the oly more money? I'm waiting for olympus to see they have a real competitor and match the price. Is it worth the wait or do I just go get the fz 18.
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There's another option...Fuji S8000fd.

Don't mind the price difference. Sometimes you buy a moreexpensive camera but you don't like it. But sometimes you buy a less expensive camera but you love it. And more expensive cameras don't always mean they're better.

I don't know when they're gonna sell the Oly 560, but the longer you wait, the more pictures you're missing.

Perhaps you should consider many other things, too. Such as the aperture and shutter speed range, threaded lens, etc.

Check this out...



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I recently bought the Panny myself. I was looking for a camera for a 3 week tour of China. I literallylined up the Fuji, Panny FZ-18 and the Olympus on the shop counter and played around with them all for a while.

It looked to me that, once in 'menu' mode, the Olympus would not shift back to shoot mode just by partiallypressing the shutter button, so that one was out. If I remember correctly, both the Olympus and the Fuji also took AA batteries, which meant they were heavier and larger. As I already had the KM A2 and hadn't used it because it was too large and heavy, I went for the Panny although I know what you mean about it feeling plasticy.

I've not regretted the decision. Because it's smaller and lighter it's a lot easier to carry around, you don't feel it so much slung around your neck and it doesn't make your hand ache if you're waiving it around for 6 hours every day (bearing in mind I came home with over 1,000 shots, not including those I deleted out there.) The zoom is simply TERRIFIC - I got close shots of a 2,000 year old 'hanging coffin' that I've wanted to see for years, so missing that would have been a pain.

My one gripe would be not being able to zoom whilst videoing, and the daft tie-in to Quick-time for the video files (oh, ok, that's two gripes!)

Yes, there are probably better quality cameras out there - the KM had a larger sensor and a better EVF - but if you don't carry the camera because it's too big and heavy, what's the point?
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