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Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to apologize for all the mistakes I may make in this message : indeed, I am French ! I registered on this website because I found it amazing and so well-thought and made ! So I thought maybe I could ask you some advice ! I am really lost... I've been searching for a camera for several weeks and I still can't decide !

These arethe specifics I'm interested in :

* A viewfinder (I was told they were useful to economize the battery's and to take great pictures even when the sun was high and reflecting on the LCD screen ?).

* A large LCD screen.

*An anti-red eyes system.

* Enough pixels to make my pictures bigger than 10*15

* A good quality of pictures, even in low light.

* Image stabilization.

*A good gestion of noise even in higher ISO.

I have been hesitating between the Canon Powershot A720IS, the Canon IXUS SD 850IS (it's called 950 IS in my country !). But I'm not even sure those are the best for my price range (300€, which makes I think, about 450$) without the accessories.

May you help me please ? I'm getting desperate not to be able to choose, ahah :lol:

Don't hesitate to recommend me other cameras if you don't think my choices are good ones !

Thank you immensely for your help and sorry for my English ! :?


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OK, I'll try to answer some of these.

First, High ISO will add noise to any of the lower priced camera's. High ISO means that the sensitivity of the imaging sensor is raised and that the shutter stays open for a shorter time. This is important in low light situations because the longer the shutter is open the more chance there will be for hand movement and blurring of the image.

Second, almost everybody has to end up picking a camera for themselves. The recommendations that you will receive here are only going to add to to the total number of camera's you have to make a decision on. One person will recommend a Panasonic, the next person a Kodak, a third person a Nikon. Now you have to decide between 5 camera's instead of just two.

My personal choice is always for a prosumer type camera like the Fuji S6000fd or the Panasonic FZ18. But my recommendation may not be right for you.

I can tell you this:

1. Number of pixels on the LCD screen is more important than the size of the screen.

2. 10x15 needs at least 6 Megapixel and probably 8

3. http://www.dpreview.com(am I allowed to mention this here?) does a lot of low light testing for their reviews and you can compare different camera's with side by side tests.

4. The only accessories you really need are a couple of storage cards (CF, SD, XD etc.) So plan to spend more on the camera and less on accessories. A couple of memory cards should cost 15-25€ each depending on the size. You can limp along with just one until you can afford a second one. Get the best camera you can and then buy the accessories later.

At least, that's my advice

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Hello ! Thank you for your help. I eventually bought the Canon Powershot A720IS. I wish I could tell you I'm enjoying it very much but I couldn't test it yet since I'm having problems with the Ni-mh I bought :!:I opened a thread in the Batteries section in order to have help. I'm getting desperate, technology can be so complicated sometimes :lol:

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