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Thanks everyone for the great advice and the incredible pictures, it's exciting to think I might be able to take my own like that some day.

I went with the rebel XT where price is a huge factor at the moment, and I plan to get a Tamron 17-50/2.8 or a Sigma 18-50/2.8 for the indoor/low light stuff, and something like the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM for a zoom lens. I'll be watching ebay for deals in a few months, so any other suggestions for more good lenses would be appreciated. I realize I'll be exceeding my budget, but it will be done over a period of a year or two so it's not a big issue.

TCav got my shooting preferences right, I like available light photography. I'm hoping the XT's good high ISO performance will overcome the lack of IS with a better lens, if not I'll have to spring forthe ISlens eventually. I have a cheap tripod now, will eventually replace itif required. In considering all the information in this string, I've also decided it would be worthwhile getting a canon exterior flash, that will come after the two lenses. As my budget will always be tight even after getting through this Christmas season, I'll most likely have to make do with only the two lenses. I'll keep the kit lens for re-sale when I upgrade the camera in a couple-few years. I guess I'll be stuck with Canon as I'll be keeping the better lenses, I expect (hope) they don't do anything to make them obsolete. Should I be looking at non 'inset' (rebel only) lenses to avoid risk of not being usable for future cameras?

In playing with it the last couple days I've noticed that it's hugely fast and sharp in comparison to my a620. But it seems to often underexpose (dull pics), as in these pictures. The gun pics are quick, backward leaning over a couch, andthe true wall colour is between the two pics. The outside shots were taken with a reasonably steady hand, but the downsizing software is crap so don't judge them on resolution. The exposure seems to beunchanged however. I used default settings for these, full autothen flash off for guns, sport setting for kids, landscapesetting for thehouse (cloudy pic) and auto for the sunny pic. The Christmas tree is freehand, flash off setting...I never thought to go manual and higher ISO, had just started shooting without looking at manual. If anybody wants more pictures of specific parameters, let me know and I'll try. The last house isn't underexposed, I think because I focused on an area outside of the sunshine.








Should auto settings be doing better, and once I get the hang of it, willl proper settings solve this underexposure? Will a better lens help? I'm getting a book, "Exposure and Lighting for digital photographers only". I browsed it at Chapters and it looked pretty good, gave technical explanations as well as suggested settings with examples. Any other good book suggestions, petaining to technical information as well as (or rather than) 'artistic' information would also be appreciated.

BTW this is actually a 40th birthday present for my wife. I just meant to try the thing out to make sure it was a keeper, but I'm hooked on playing with it aranoid:

Thank you for all the very timelyhelp, because of it I was able to make an informed decision that I think will pan out fine in the long run.


Please disregard all the newbie questionsaboveI'm finally tieing it all together:idea: and I just realized I posted a smorgasbordof greenhorn issues

Thanks again for all the help, and feel free to post any furtherpointers, onlenses especially

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Congrats on the purchase. Canon has an online tutorial for the Rebel XT? It's worth checking out.


Nice gun collection.

Here's a quick and dirty bounce the built-in flash with a business card to soften harsh head-on flash:

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