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Hello everyone! First off, I bought the camera in Hong Kong.

I was looking for the D40 and the guy from the store offered it to me for USD $500, which came with the standard lens. He then offered the 200mm telephoto lens for USD $150 which brought my bill to USD $650. After we made the purchase, he brought out the Fujifilm 9600 and explained a lot of features and said it was way better than the D40 with lens. He told us we only had to add USD $200 and so we did. We payed a total of USD $850 for the camera and I just wanted to ask if it was a good bye or were we scammed? Thanks!
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Don't know where you live, but Beach Camera is selling the Fuji S9100 (US version of the S9600) for $459.00. They are selling the D40 with the 18-55mm, the 55-200mm lenses and a 1GB memory card for $549.00. The D40 price is believable...the S9600 price is not.

the Hun

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Well first off the 9100 is a nice camera I almost bought one because I couldn't afford a D-40. That right there should tell you something. The 9100 should have been less money than the D-40 with kit lens. but in no way "way better than the D40 with lens". It's not really a fair comparison sense they are two completely different types of cameras. And depending on your needs the 9100 might have been the best choice. But for serious photography the D-40 would be a better performer.
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Thanks for the reply guys, I really appreciate them. I'm from the Philippines by the way and I bought the camera during a trip to Hong Kong since cameras in our country are too expensive; almost twice or thrice the price I see on the internet. I really think he scammed us, but I don't regret it that much. The S9600 performs really well.

Once again, Thanks! :-)
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Not to say that "animasola" got a bad deal.

But for the information of others who might be planning on buying cameras or other electronic gadget in Hong Kong. This is one scam some of the stores run:

You ask for a specific brand and model. They will always say they have it or can get it and quote you a price and even recommend accessories and tell you about all the good things about what you want.

After you have been convinced and are ready to buy, they now throw in the punch line - "But I have something better at about the same price or slightly higher." and praise this new option to high heavens.

So for a few more dollars, you opt for the offer only to find out later you either got a lower quality product or paid a higher price.

As they say, 'caveat emptor'. Shop and ask around for both what you want and what is being offered before you finally part with your dollars.
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