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Hello – I was hoping to get some advice from people regarding a good (budget) camera to use for macro photography for the studio and outdoors. My budget is small - around 300-600 dollars.

Some quick background information – I have a terrible condition… I can't wink! (stop laughing!) It's horrible! And as a want-to-be photographer I have found that using a viewfinder is progressively getting more difficult for me. In college I mostly used a medium format camera because it was easier for me to then using 35mm slr.

I recently bought a Canon Rebel XTI and I had to return it because I just can't use a view finder anymore (I didn't know that you couldn't use the LCD screen to take photos!) I can't afford a Canon 40D to use the LCD screen so now I think I am looking for a point and shoot camera to hold me over until I can afford a dslr.

I was looking into the Canon Powershot G9 and the Canon Powershot S5 and I wasn't sure which could produce the best photos for macro work…or if there was any other camera I should look into.

Thanks so much in advance!

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I can't comment on the G9... but I do have the S5... I find it a very capable and HANDY camera to have around!

It has a macro and "super" macro... with super macro you can basically end up focusing so close the front element will touch the subject!

The flip/tilt LCD is nice.. and I use an 420EX speedlite on the S5's hotshoe..

Here are a couple of samples... this is just me goofing around....

goofing around at work... set a nickel on the table... floresent lighting...

more goofing... 420EX bounced off the ceiling...

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Not to belittle your condition, but you shouldn't 'wink' when taking a picture...no more than you should when looking through a telescope. Everyone has a dominant eye...that is the one you should be using to sight through your viewfinder - both eyes should be open while composing your pics. Camera manufacturers seem to assume most people are 'right' eyed, therefore, they shift the viewfinder to the left side of the camera, in an attempt to force the user to use the right eye. I'm left eye dominant, so I wind up having to turn my head to the right and put my left eye up to the viewfinder. Might seem awkward to some, but it's easy once you get used to it.

Did you try the other eye?

the Hun

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The S5 is great for macro, just make sure you couple it with a closeup-lens strengt 4, or 8 if you want real extreme closeups and nothing else.

Here are some macros of mine, very little postprocessed and hardly cropped, with my S3 and a Raynox DCR-250 closeup lens. As you can see its a very capable setup.
The swivel display is hard to beat for macro, and for you I guess its invaluable.

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Here's a G9-S5 comparison: http://www.digitalversus.com/duels.p...=2118&ph=1
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