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naviathan Dec 31, 2007 3:21 PM

I purchased a D40x as a starter camera and I've been getting very interested in photography. The D40x is great, I love all the features and abilities, but I'm interested in getting a bit more in depth in photography. I was looking at other options and I want to stick with Nikon since the lenses I currently have are interchangeable. I was looking at the D80 mostly because of price. My other option was D200 and I wanted some user input on which one more experienced photographers would recommend.
Thanks for any replies!

tjsnaps Dec 31, 2007 6:07 PM

Thed40x has not been on the market long yet you already want to upgrade. That strikes me as a bit odd. I'm not trying to be a smartass but it seems to me that if you don't know which camera to buy next you might not be ready for the upgrade. What you have to ask yourself is, why you need to get a new camera? What is it that the D-40x is lacking? What do you want to do that can not do with the D-40x. Once you have answered these questions. Then we can help you pick a camera with the correct features that you need. Otherwise your just burning money for no reason.

mtngal Dec 31, 2007 7:10 PM

Have you handled both of them? They are both excellent cameras, they do different things and they are very different in weight. The D200 is a whole lot heavier than the D80 - will that be significant for you? I'm small and sometimes struggle with a camera that's over 100g lighter than the D200, so there's no way I could handle the D200.

naviathan Jan 1, 2008 5:12 AM

The D40x is lacking the top lcd and focus drive motor. This isn't just a I want a new camera deal, it's a switching aperture and shutter settings faster thing along with getting some lenses that don't cost as much as the camera.

Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to handle either of the other two cameras which is why I'm having to go from user experiences. I'm not in a position to go to a store and handle the cameras to see which feels better.

Photo 5 Jan 1, 2008 5:23 AM

I would like ot add if you bought such a camera as a D-SLR and within 6 months you want a new one and the D-SLR is notbroke then you really don't know or didn't know what you wanted. I woud seriously take my time when getting your next camera as it sounds like your just throwing money away.

My rule of thumb in getting anew camera is to read allthe info at the review here and then test each camera out in the hands. Since 2005 I have NOT bought a camera without testing it in my hands first even if I buy it from i still find a store that I can test it at first. Some cameras can be very heavy or weird to use so it helps to know before i spend money to find out.


naviathan Jan 1, 2008 6:03 AM

I understand what you're saying, but I bought the D40x as a camera, not necessarilly as a DSLR. All the features on it peaked my interest and I started learning more about photography thanks to the D40x. Now that I've started learning more about all the different options out there and considering more of what I want to do with my photography I've started finding the D40x limited in a few ways. It's a great camera and I plan on passing it to the wife so she can start learning more about photography, but I'm leaning more towards something with an internal drive motor and top LCD for quick settings changes. I want to do some portrait work and some wildlife and action shooting. Yes the D40x would work for those in a limited capacity and I will be using it for a while longer as I'm currently in the desert, but I do want to upgrade either before I leave here or immediately when I get home. hence the reason for my asking now. Seeing how I'm getting a lot of static and little help I'll move on.

TCav Jan 1, 2008 10:15 AM

There are a few significant differences between the D80 and the D200, but onlya few.

The D200 uses CF cards while the D80 uses SD Cards.

The D200 can bracket the exposure in finer increments and in more shots.

The D200 can shoot 5 frames per second, while the D80 can only shoot 3 fps.

The fastest shutter speed of the D200 is 1/8,000, while the fastest in the D80 is 1/4,000.

The D80 has a Retouch menu that the D200 does not. (Nikon presumes that, with the D200, you'll be doing your post processing on a computer, whereas, since the D80 is more of a consumer dSLR, there's a greater chance you'd be printing straight from the camera.)

The D200 can bracket the flash in more shots.

The D200, naturally, is intended more for the professional, than is the D80 (but the same could be said about the D80 when compared to the D40x.)

You can compare them yourself at

naviathan Jan 1, 2008 10:37 AM

Now that's the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks for that.
Now I have to decide if the price difference (negligable for just the body) is worth the extra shutter speed.

dr_spock Jan 1, 2008 2:10 PM

I believe the D200 will also meter with some of the older Nikon or 3rd party MF lenses. Not sure about the D80. I guess it depends on what lenses you want to use or get in the future.

Ken Rockwell did a comparision of the two:

mtngal Jan 1, 2008 3:30 PM

I'll also mention that I have a friend who has the D200. Many times he finds himself in a situation where he doesn't want to lug it around so he recently bought a D40 to use asa P&S alternative - he thinks its a perfect solution to have both cameras. You'd still have the access to the D40X so you might find the same thing.

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