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How to convert a picture's size in pixels to it's size in kilobites, or vice versa?

What Is the formula to do it?

For example, apicture of 1600x1400, what is it's size in kilobites?

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there is no formula - at least not with jpeg that I'm aware of. You can have two images - each 1600x1400 and each a different file size. It depends on the difference between adjecent pixels. For instance a completely black photo with all noise removed will produce a relatively small file size. Noise especially will add to the file size - so an ISO 3200 image generally takes up more file space than an ISO 100 image of the same subject.
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In addition to what JohnG has said, another factor that affects the filesize of JPEG images is the amount of compression applied to the image. All JPEG images are compressed to some degree. You (during post processing), or your camera (with the image quality setting), can compress an image to different degrees. And the effect of compression will vary from image to image, as well. For instance, an image without much detail can be compressed quite a bit, but an image of the same resolution but with a lot of detail can't be compressed very much.
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