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O K I've got it narrowed down to 100D , 100D super and the 110.

I put them up on DP review for comparison.

Other than shake vs anti shake i cannot see the difference. so why 3 cameras

Some one mentioned lens cleaning and different kind of auto focus.

could any one tell me the differencesas the prices are about the same
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I own a Pentax DS, which was the model previous to the non IS equipped K110. I also own the K100D which does have IS. IS, in my opinion is well worth the extra cost. The K100D Super just is a very small upgrade to the K100D.

Sarah Joyce
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As Sarah mentioned, all three cameras (K100, K100 Super and K110) use the same sensor.

K110 - no image stabilization
K100 - stabilization
K100 Super - Adds support for the SDM lenses, which is the different kind of auto focus. It's an update of the K100 and is basically replacing it

SDM cameras and lenses use an auto focus motor in the lens, rather than in the camera. It is very quiet and is supposed to be faster, though it doesn't seem any faster to me. At the moment (as of today) there are only two lenses that have SDM, and both are expensive. There's rumors that two new lenses are supposed to be announced this month that may also offer SDM, but who knows if that's true or not. The two lenses that have SDM now can also focus using the in-camera motor.

My opinion on stabilization is the same as Sarah's - it's well worth it. So I would recommend either the K100 or the K100 Super.

If you specifically want to get either the DA*16-50 f2.8 or the DA*50-135 f2.8lens right away, then you should get the K100 Super so you can have that very quiet focusing (it is significant).

If you don't want to buy an expensive lens right away, and might not be interested in one of them at all, and you can find a K100 for a good price (since they are being phased out), get it. If at a later date you decide you really want one of the two DA* lenses, it wouldn't be a problem - they will still work with the K100 (only it won't be as quiet because it will be focusing like all of the other auto focus lenses).

As far as the dust removal - I have the K10 and don't think the system works very well. I do better with a few puffs of air from a handblower, so I wouldn't buy the Super just because of that feature.
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I was just looking at the Adorama website, and it lists the K100D Super for $368 after rebate, a very good price, and doesn't list the K100D or the K110D at all.

That should make the OP's decision a little easier. [suB]:-)[/suB]
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TCav wrote:
That should make the OP's decision a little easier. [suB]:-)[/suB]
it sure does

thank you
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