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Hi Steve,

I have just purchased a camera for my 9 yr old. But what about my 6 yr old. I see cameras from Fisher Price but what mega pixel and are they really all that? I see cheap cameras by Argus but reviews say they take up to 8 or more seconds to take a picture. I cannot see my 6 yr old waiting that long to take a picture. Are the Fisher Price camerasas bad?

A camera with only 1.x mega pixel will not be good enough becauseshe will be expecting her mother to scrap book the picturesin her album. See mydilemma.

Need ideas :idea:



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Well i only know of 2 cameras but they are probably more than you want to spend for your 6 year old. They are in the $80-$100 dollar range.

The Nikon Coolpix L11 which actually has real good image quality and gets great reviews on review sites including this one. Maybe too good of a camera for a 6 year old. Plenty of options. But it's just so affordable

The Polaroid A801 at Kmart. It's picture quality is mixed at best. But probably better than Fisher Price(Just Barely lol). It's 8MP. It has plusses and minuses. The Plus is it's really simple point and shoot. Not alot of options. Comes with this protective rubber cover you can slip on the camera that may help if it's dropped. The Minus is i actually just took this camera back to the store because it's not up to my standards. I never gave it a chance only tested it indoors. Other people said it takes decent outdoor shots.
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I guess it depends on how motivated your child or grand childmight be. I have 3 Sony H-2 or H-5cameras that I purchased on e-bay ($90 to $115)for my students to use in our Digital Camera Classes. Often times, some students don't have their own cameras, so these 3 "class cameras" come in handy and they give every one a chance to take some photos, even though they might not yet have selected and purchased their own digital camera.

Well, our 11 year old grand daughter told me that she wanted to learn more about digital cameras, so I just began by putting her into our normal classes and then when we started shooting photos to put to use the info that we had learned, I gave her one of the Sony H-5 cameras.

She enjoyed the classes this past summer and learned a lot. So much so that I gave her one of the H-5 cameras as her very own, and she is doing just great with that Sony H-5 that I purchased on E-Bay.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for the replies )
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