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Dont be such an ass, just take your canon and put it where the sun dont shine.
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Truth hurts, doesn't it?


the Hun

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2many wrote:
Thank you for your input, must be another Canon pusher.

Take a real review by someone not getting paid by Nikon or Canon to shoot down everyone else product

Actually, Popular Photography generates most of its income from advertising, ao in essence they are getting paid by the people who's products they are reviewing. Leaf through any Pop Photography magazine, and you'll see ads from ALL camera makers. Although their reviews do provide good information, they are rarely critical of any camera or lens and toss around words like "best" in every issue. I certainly wouldn't consider them to be the best source of information over the sites and reviewers that the Hun listed.
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If looking at superzoom's, I would only really consider 2: The FZ8 (which has better IQ than the FZ18 from what I've read) and the Canon S5 IS.

I would have bought the FZ8, but it retails for the same price here in South Africa as the S5, and are VERY hard to find.

If the FZ8 is about 30-40% cheaper, I would take it over the S5, mainly because of the price and size. I like the S5's swivel LCD a lot though.
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