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Well, here's a puzzle. I too own a Kodak z730 (and never found a review of it either) and while I've been quite pleased with the pictures it takes, I've found the lag between flashes quite slow--much slower than my Fuji s5200. Perhaps it is a quirk of your particular camera.
Maybe you already have just what you want. Do you want more megapixels per se or are there other features that you are looking for? I can understand wanting a camera with a different/better lens or more features or generally better IQ or perhaps a different size, but if it is working for you otherwise why do you want more megapixels? Are you making larger than 8X10 blow ups of your pictures? Do you crop a lot?
Lots of times newer is not necessarily better, and sometimes more megapixels means worse pictures.
Good luck with your search. I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

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I was wondering if it was just my camera. I was at a mall playcenter with my daughter today snapping away and another lady asked me why my camera snapped so fast. It is wonerful. I do crp a lot though. I tend to shoot so fast that I don't use the view finder to line up the shot. I just shoot and fix them later on the computer.

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The Canon Powershot series (I own two models) seems to suffer from long flash recharge times - even the S5IS can take up to 8 secs for the flash to recharge after it fully discharges specially on long-range flash shots.

The Kodak I own (Z612) recharges very, very quickly, which is one of the reasons I bought the Z612. I expect the other Z-series (7 & 8) would recharge as quickly - I could almost shoot flash shots as fast as I could depress the shutter.

If you want to stay with a p&s, an option is a digicam with a hot shoe so an external flash can be used. Some external flashes can handle even burst shots on flash.
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