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Back in the day, I owned a film completely manual Minolta andpentaxand I loved them. When I went digital a few years ago, I bought a canon S1 IS, which I found to be so so. One of the main problems is shutter delay (which is really annoying considering I bought the camera to go on a safari :sad andlow speed (shooting in very bright conditions). Today, my camera broke (faulty wiring/CCD issue due to high heat and humidity) so it is now time to move on and get that digital SLR I've been wanting.

Problem is, I don'teven know where to start looking,which brands and models. :?It would be great if someone couldname somemodels that would fit my criteriaso I can start researchingand "test driving" them at my local store.Here are my criteria:

1. Under US$700

2. Low shutter delay!

3. Ability to shoot in very bright conditions (I live in the tropics where it's always sunny!)

4. Ability to handle high heat and humidity (like the tropics...)

5. I shootalmost exclusively outside, lots of landscapes, buildings, animals

6.image stabilisation in the body would be nice

Nice to have: I have a couple of Pentax lenses still, which I think I've read could work with a new digital Pentax body?

Thank you for your help! Any suggestions (or contra-indications) would be greatly appreciated!!
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I think the only camera that will meet all your requirements, especially the one about high eat and humidity, is the Pentax K10D. It's weatherproof and it's under $700. That rules out every other contender.

And it may work with the lenses you've already got.
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The Pentax K10 will work with your old lenses (I'm still using a couple of old, manual lenses with mine - an SMC M 50mm 1.4 and an SMC 24mm 2.8, along with two newer A lenses - one a Pentax A* lens and one a Vivitar Series One). You can use even older M42 screwmount lenses with an adaptor. All of thevarious types ofK mount lenses retain whatever capability they had when they were made - K and M lenses won't suddenly become auto focus/auto exposure lenses.

The weather sealing on the K10 does work rather well - I've used mine in the snow before without problems. You can't go snorkeling with it, but I've never had problems with mine inlight rainand snow. It doesn't have trouble with brightness, either, at least it doesn't mind the southwest deserts I frequent (though you might want to consider using a circular polarizer on occasion - something that's not a bad idea with any camera).

Currently the K10 is in your price range, anda really good buy (there's rumors about a possible replacement being announced at the end of the month, don't know how true that might be). I would recommend getting the kit lens because it costs so little and it's one of the better kit lenses. Since you aren't talking about lots of low-light photography (it's not a fast lens) you would probably be perfectly happy with it (I still use mine).
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Canon is the only one I will buy. I think you can try S5 IS
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Thanks for that info! I will go look ata K10D this weekend, hopefullyit is available here.

I wasn't very impressed with my canon S1 IS and on top of that I am getting really lousy customer service regarding repairing the defective CCD wire (but that's a story for anothermessage board )soI likely won't buy a canon again anytime soon.
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