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Looking to start up my own photo business. I am used to the 35mm and have decided to go over to the digital age. I am nerdy on the photoshop, so not a problem, however, I am wanting to shoot weddings, baby, newborn, pregnancy, nudes, outdoor family, studio (eventually) and product shots.. I have a shakey hand due to medicines, however I need the camera to be fast and able to have RAW footage capabilities on the go.

I have read the reviews of the two and still am stumped? I like the pentax anti-shake and the fact you can use old lenses.. however, if i were to ever resell this camera, i wouldn't make much from it.. the prices don't stay there.. as for the nikon, they are the well known brand because of ads, but how do they really rate up against pentax.

so what is your advice.. I am not a beginner photographer, been on the film side for a long time. need something that is a good investment and will have a good return later on when i am ready to move on.


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No camera body is a "good investment with a good return later on." Most years a new body comes out with more bells and whistles and so demand for the older cameras drop (what happened to the resale price of the Nikon D50 when they came out with the D40). Now days the value isn't in the camera body, but in the lenses. They will move with you from camera to camera, and really can provide a good return if you decide to sell something later on. I happen to be a happy PentaxK10 owner and am still using lenses I bought new over 25 years ago (and they still take great pictures). So decide what lenses you are going to need, then make sure whichever camera you decide on has those lenses available.

Since you aren't a beginner, what 35mm camera/lenses do you already have? That could be a significant factor in your choice (it was partly with me - I had the older lenses so buying a Pentax camera saved me money by not having to replace them). At the moment the price ofthe K10 is pretty low - the camera is well over a year old, and rumors have it that Pentax is going to announce it's replacement at the end of the month (have no idea if that's true or not). If Pentax does come out with a replacement camera, I wouldn't be surprised to see the K10's resale value go down a bit more, due to current owners selling off their cameras to partly pay for the replacement. I don't pay all that much attention to Nikon prices and rumors so don't know anything about a possible D80 replacement.

As a pro, itseems to me that the D200/D300 would be the way to go if you are looking at Nikon. If you are going to buy a Pentax, now is a good time, or perhaps wait to see what the replacement camera might offer, assuming that it really will be announced at the end of the month.
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They are both fine cameras and are comparable. Fourfactors seem to matter.

The first factor is that the Nikon has a larger selection of lenses than the Pentax. With all the different types of photography you want to do, that could be a major advantage for the D80.

The second factor is antishake. Pentax has it in the body, so it's available with any lens. Nikon has it in only certain lenses, and they are bigger, heavier and more expensive. That could be a major advantage for the K10D.

The third factor is that it seems like you're considering the camera as a investment. The K10D is Pentax's top-of-the-line model, whereas the D80 is actually one of Nikon'sentry level dSLRs. If you'll be spending a lot of money on lenses, there are more and better camera bodies in the Nikon camp that you could get if you want to morve on. But as mtngal says, the camera isn't an investment, but the lenses are.

The fourth factor is how it fells to you.No onecan help you there. You need to go to a store that has both, and play around with them for a while.
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I'm a Pentax user, but from what I've read, Nikon's flash system is the best out there. If you're going into this as a business, this might be a major consideration.

As it is, either one (plus most of the others) should suit your general needs. If you have very specific requirements, then certain brands may be weeded out over others.
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Either body is going to be capable. But, as a business you need to consider the optics required as well as lighting.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Determine which lenses are required for professional level wedding / portrait results and what their availability and cost are in each system. For professional quality optics you may find paying for in-lens isn't necessarily more expensive.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Some of those lenses will be heavy in either system. Depending on how unsteady you are - antii-shake just won't cut it. It is NOT a miracle worker by any means. For an ameteur it can make the difference between not acceptable and acceptable. You want to be a pro. That's a whole different level of expectation. So, you would definitely benefit from it in either system but I would warn that it still may not be enough - you may have to augment with monopod or tripod use especially when dealing with heavier lenses.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Your other light setups (Strobes, softboxes, reflectors, etc) will probably have more to do with the success of your non-wedding work than the camera body. And the wedding work will be more impacted by the lenses, flash and bracket than the camera body itself.
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