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Hi all. hope somebody can give me some decent advice.

The scenario is; about four years into using my Sony DSC-F77, I'm looking to upgrade for a couple of reasons.

1) The lack of zoom has cost me some great photos in the past, although this camera has done well in spite of that.

2) 4 megapixels just isn't cutting it with most of my 8x10's. I need a higher resolution.

Price is important, but I'm willing to spend up to $300 for a decent camera. I've been looking at the Fujifilm S700, the Canon Powershot SD1000, and the Sony DSC-H7.

That Canon TX1 looks amazing, but looks don't mean squat when it's got such lousy ergonomics. My F77 has been great, but I'm ready for a better camera. At least one I won't need to upgrade for another 5 years.

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I think the Fuji and the Sony you mentioned are both decent cameras, but I am surprised you included the SD1000 in your choices since it has jjust 3X optical zoom.

One thing to consider when getting an ultrazoom is optical image stabilization, which reduces the effects of shaky hands causing blurry pictures. The Sony you mentioned has it. The Fuji doesn't.

If you order online you can get the Fuji S8000fd with 18X optical zoom and optical image stabilization for about $300 before rebate. Steve seemed to like it a lot.
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Do you mean the Canon SX100 (rather than the SD1000), which has 10x optical zoom? It's received quite a few good reviews (see the latest, http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/ca...ew/index.shtml).
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No typos... the TX1 is the first hybrid model Canon's put out.

I mention the SD1000 because I remember what great pictures my APS-era ELPH Jr. used to take. But 3x zoom is still better than no zoom, which is exactly what I have.

Hence the question; how much zoom is really enough? From where I'm standing, the DSC-T100 is looking great with 5x zoom and I'm already a Sony user besides.
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Welcome to the forum, Sweatcold.

You asked a tough question to answer. If you told us what type of pictures you were most interested in taking, that could help us to help you. Digicam zoom, commonly expressed in NX values isn't really all that meaningful. For example, a camera that has a zoom range of 28 to 280mm (expressed in 35mm terms) is marketed as a 10X zoom. Another camera, which has a zoom range of 38 to 380mm is also a 10X zoom. However, the difference in focal length can have a huge impact on your photography. If you enjoy taking pictures of groups of people and landscapes, then the wider 28mm would definitely benefit you. If you are more concerned with taking pictures of birds sitting way up on the tops of tall trees, then the 380mm (or even higher) lenses would be more applicable. You can get a rough idea of the differences in focal lengths by going here:


It would also help if you told us your preference regarding camera size, battery type, low light/high ISO capability, frequency of flash usage, etc.

the Hun

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agree with the Hun, you should give us more details.

it's like saying: i need a vehicle, which one should i use: bike, van, sedan or truck? won't it be weird if i give you a bike and turns out that you want to use it to take your parents and family for a vacation?

from $0 to $300, there are plenty of options ranging from compact (sonyS series), stylish/very compact(like sonyT series), and superzoom (sonyH series). each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. compact is easier to carry but very limited features, stylish will make you look cool but also with limited features, superzoom has richer feature but they're usually bigger.

for some people, battery type is very important, while AAs are usually weaker than Li-ion, it's easier to get and cheaper.

from those three you've mentioned, i think sony h7 has the longest zoom range, optical IS, Li-ion batt. while fuji s700 uses AA, no IS, but cheaper. sd1000 belongs to a more compact class than the other two.

you've been looking at Fuji S700....you should check out the fuji forum and see there's a group of very happy S700 users. i bought one for my dad. it can zoom while taking movie. if i didn't have S9600 and had limited fund, i'd buy one too. great camera for its price.
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Thanks for the advice, everybody. I did some comparison shopping (I live in Korea) and found everything to be overpriced beyond even regular gouging practices, particularly the Canon models I was looking at.

I settled on a very cheap $150 Sony DSC-W55 that included the software, case, cables, and a 1-gig pro duo memory stick, which usually goes for about $30 bucks here. I was very pleased with its ergonomics and construction (though I was surprised to find that it was manufactured in China... have even the Japanese become slaves to the bottom line?), the 3x zoomis enough for what I have in mind, which is a trip to Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos.

The semi-dslr cameras didn't appeal to me for not being compact enough. The aforementioned Fuji model had the zoom but no image stabilization, and besides which, I've never been burned by a Sony product, regardless of how newthey are to the digital camera market. The Canon SD1000 (marketed here as the ixy70) lacked a battery level display, and was still too expensive for it's age.

The Sony DSC-T200 has the asinine touch screen--isn't this encouraging the fingerprint issue? a 2.5 inch screen is more than enough.

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