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I amlooking to buy a 10 MP DSLR for beginnerportrait photography as well as some travel photography.Iwant something with goodpicture quality andlow noise at high ISO. I will buy a body/lens combo to start but want to be able to upgrade lenses as I go. I also want to make sure that if I do put money in to better lenses that I will be able to upgrade to a better body in the future. I am currently considering the Nikon D80, it is at the top of my price range.How does the Canon Rebel XTi compare, and are there anyother cameras that I should be looking at?


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Nikon puts a code in their RAW (NEF) file that won't let you use any other converter than thir own......personally, I don't care if they come up with a camera with 30fps, and perfectly clean ISO 6400 shots, they have already eliminted my bucks!

The Canon XTi is a good route if you are going to invest in glass & consider bodies disposable. Same for a Sony a100/200...the a700 is totally different. A Pentax K10 is nice& they also make great glass that works with Samsung cameras too....isn't this fun?
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That's not true anymore is it?

They have made deals with most of the RAW converter crowd. Adobe Camera Raw, DXO optics, Phase One all work with the Nikon NEF files.

The D80 is great, but the Sony A200 looks nice, the Canon XTI gives excellent image quality too and the Pentax K10D is a heck of a camera for the price.
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Yes Nikons Raw files are encrypted, but as peri said, most major software packages have RAW converters that can open the files. If your shooting with a DSLR, you need software anyway, so I don't see Nikon's encryption as that big of a deal (at least in real life...philosophically this is an annoyance, especially when new cameras are released, as it typically takes a few weeks for those converters to be updated). Nikon has started to include their converter in their pro level bodies, but I don't see this ever happening with consumer level bodies.

One thing to consider with Nikon is their excellent flash system. The D80 lets you control several SB600/SB800 flashes remotely with ittl support. It takes alot of guesswork out of exposure and allows you to use and control light very easily, which has helped me immensely in portrait shooting.
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I have to agree that Nikon's flash system is a huge plus for what you want to do. All systems have capable cameras. IMO Canon & nikon have the best availability and variety of glass as well as the most robust upgrade path for bodies. But if I were going to do portrait work I'd probably go the Nikon route because of the flash system. And I'm a canon user, so not biased.
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The D80's RAW files will work just fine with a range of RAW converters so disregard what was stated by Kalypso. The Nikon is a fine camera and the build quality is probably better than that of the Canon but the best way of deciding is to handle the cameras you're considering and see how each of them feels in your hands.

I suggest you also consider the Pentax K10D or the Samsung GX10 (essentially the same camera).

You might find these video reviews to be useful:


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