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My first post here

First of all, I thank everyone who has been contributing very positively. It's a great forum. Wealth of information available across a wide range of digital cameras is truely admirable.

I seek your guidance in choosing a right camera for my needs. It could either be a High End P & S with Full Manual Controls or an entry level DSLR.

My previous camera Kodak DX 4900 was one of the best we could get at that time. It's served me well for over 5 years and 20K+ clicks.

What I am looking forward to is to have an excellent 12 Mega Pixel Camera with Full Manual Controls. Wide Angle lens would be a plus and preferable. Controlling camera from PC to run scripts auto shooting and extreme bracketing (example Shutter speeds ranging from 1 to 1/2000 in steps of 1/200 or 1/500) will be an added advantage.

I have shortlisted my options to the latest announced EOS 450D and G9 from Canon (I am open to others) preferably either equivalent or better performing in same budget. ($600 - $900)

I mostly do general photography and love to snap night shots with long exposures and super macro's (attached example).

Thanks in Advance
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With the G9 what you see is what you get for capabilities.

On the other hand the EOS 450D is just the beginning! There are many lenses, flash systems and other accessories that can be purchased to make photography easier. The 450D can take technically better photographs than the G9 but at higher cost, bulk and weight.

The better photography part happens behind the viewfinder of any camera however.
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I don't have any direct experience with either camera, but it appears to me that before you can decide between them, you need to decide if you want a dSLR or not. All photographyis a compromise, and each person needs to decide for themselves where they want to make that compromise - there's no on-size-fits-all right answer. The EOS 450D has the potential to take better pictures than a fixed lens camera, but it will end up costing you much more in the long run (good glass gets expensive, and cheaper, do-it-all lenses won't give you all that much of a gain). There's also the extra weight, other accessories and so on. If you would be perfectly happy with the sample pictures taken with the G9 (if you are going to want to use ISO 1600 very often, be sure to look at that sample under Steve's review, as compared to ISO 80. Check out the model H2 Hummer at the bottom of the shot - you can really see the dust in the ISO 80 shot but you can't tell with all the noise on in the ISO 1600 shot), don't want to lug around extra lenses, and don't want the extra expense, then save your money and get the G9. If the quality is more important then get the dSLR (check out the sample pictures that Steve has posted for the earlier 400D - you can make out the little bit of dust on the figurines at ISO 1600).
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