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I currently own a Panasonic FZ8 that I love. I use it for everything. The biggest thing that I use my camera for is taking fast moving pictures at horse shows. It is usually bright light, bright colours, and my pictures come out really well. I love my 12X zoom, but there are times that I would love to have more. The store(Henry's) that I bought my camera from has a "half back" deal that if you return your camera within 1 year of your purchase that they will give you half your money back to put towards a new camera. If I do this, I can get an FZ18 for about $250 Canadian(About half price). I just thought I would ask here to see what people thought I should do. I'm not unhappy with my camera right now, I just like the looks of the FZ18, and I also only have about a month left that I can take advantage of this promotion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Don't think that's much of an upgrade. If you're buying the FZ18 to get more reach (stronger telephoto), then you're not getting much more than you already have (432-504mm). Take a look here:


Set the slider under the pic to 432, then drag it over to 500...see what I mean?

If you're buying the FZ18 to get a wider angle lens, then that would make some sense, since your FZ8 has 36mm vs 28mm on the 18.

You might be better off buying a good teleconverter for your existing cam if your main goal is more reach.

Like one of these:


A 1.4x teleconverter would give you 604.8mm. A 11.7 would give you 734.

A .65x wide angle converter would give you 24mm.

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How big would you ever print your files?

The FZ8 has an option called "Extended Optical Zoom" that will get you to 648mm without anything extra. It's not digital zoom. You simply change the resolution to lower amounts down to 3MP, where the maximum zoom goes to 648mm. It crops the outer regions of the sensor as you reduce the resolution until, at 3 MP, you're using the center 3MP of the sensor. This is not digital zoom, so there's no image degredation.

By cropping in-camera using this featurevs. doing it later on the computer you get the added advantage of more accurate focus and metering.Your possiblemaximum print size is reduced to where, at 3MP, a letter size (8.5x11 inches)printis still very good, but about as big as I would go. If prints are not what you're after, it works great. These were shot at the 648mm setting of my FZ8...

I also own an FZ50 and have an accessoryPanasonic DMW-LW55 wide lens, which, used with the necessaryadaptor tube with the FZ8, converts the 36mm "wide" end to 25mm. If this is your only camera, it might be worth the investment to wind up with something that goes wider than an FZ18...

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