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I have been looking into buying my first DSLR. (I current use a Canon S3 but want to get a little more serious.) After looking around the internet the choices seem to come down to (for me) a Nikon D40x - a Canon 400D 0r a Sony A100.
Every one seems to have a favorite but I don't know wich one to buy.
I'm not looking take pro level photos I just want something to learn on that will give me photos that are good enough to tell whether or not I'm doing things right.
What I really want to know, so that I can decide, is what features are likely to be most important at the beginner level. (eg. One review I read said that the Nikon had much better metering than the others. Is this a major concern for the beginner.)

Just a note. I am looking for a camera to LEARN on. I know almost nothing other than I want to know more and I feel i need a camera in hand to be able to learn.
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All three cameras are quite good, and you will learn a lot from using any of them. They are designed as entry level dSLRs, and you are the one they were made for.

First, and foremost, the Canon XTi has a new big brother (the XSi) as does the Sony A100 (the A200, and it's cheaper!)

Second, the Canon has the largest selection of lenses, followed by the Sony and then the Nikon. (Nikon makes a lot of different lenses, but most of them, and most third party lenses for Nikon, don't autofocus on the D40x.)

Third, the Sonys have sensor shift image stabilization in the camera body, so it works with all lenses. Canon and Nikon use optical image stabilization in some of their lenses, which makes them bigger, heavier, and more expensive.

But the most important factor in your decision should be how the camera feels in your hands. Can you comfortably reach all the controls? If you fumble around with the controls, you might miss a 'once-in-a-lifetime' shot once in a while.

And since you already have a Canon S3, you might be more comfortable with a Canon product.

So, I suggest that you go to a camera store that has each of the cameras you're considering, and see how they fit.

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i have the S3. and its a great camera. i wanted to get a SLR so i got the D40. the reason i didn't get the D40X. is because i heard it was being discontinued. they have a new one coming out the D60
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