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Hi all! I am itching to move on to a DSLR from my panasonic FZ20 (which I LOVE). I would like one that I can grow with (auto and manuel settings), something that I can take long-distance shots with (I do a lot of wildlife photography), and preferably something with image stabilization. And, of course, sharp/clear pics. Is there anything out there that you could recommend to me? If you have one in mind, any good lens recommendations that I should get with that specific camera?

I'm no pro or anything even close. I just do this for fun, and couldn't afford any high-end professional DSLR. I don't know much about lenses - I want something easy to use. If you want to see the types of photos I take to get an idea of what I would be using it for, here is a link to my page: www.mkklein.smugmug.com


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Any of the entry level dSLR cameras are capable of taking outstanding pictures - looking at your pictures I think you could do well with any of them. A couple of things came to my mind while I looked through them - you'll probably need more than one lens, and it didn't look like you were that interested in macro photography.

Have you been to a camera store yet and handled the various cameras? That might rule out one or more. Ergonomics become important since dSLR cameras vary so much in size and weight.

One of the cameras that I would put fairly high on your list of priorities is either the upcoming Pentax K200, or the being phased out K10. The reason I suggest looking at these two cameras is that they offer weather sealing and that might come in handy for your boating/waterskiing shots. You'll still need to take some care because the only weather sealed lenses are their expensive ones. The K10 has more controls on the camera body (more advanced camera), but the K200 is going to be lighter (the K10 is quite heavy). I shoot with Pentax (I have both the K10 and the K100), and love having the weather sealing.

There are two different ways you can get stabilization - Nikon and Canon puts it in some specific lenses (which are usually more expensive). Pentax, Sony and Olympus put it in the camera body, so any lens you buy is stabilized. That can be a cost savings, especially if you decide to get additional lenses.

You'd probably want to get something like the kit lens (along the lines of a 18-55, different manufacturers have different options - that would give you something wide foryour landscapes)and then something like a 70-300 lens - that will get you the tele capabilities you'd need for your birds. All of the entry dSLR cameras have lenses made for them in these focal lengths.
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