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I am buying my first DSLR camera and I can't decide between the Olympus E-410 or the Canon Rebel Xti. I want to have a camera that does not need the flash that often. Before this I had the Canon PowerShot A530 and I LOVED it!!! I could often turn the flash of and still get a pretty nice picture even if there was not tons of light. I also have a new baby so that would be another factor in my decision as I think she will be the subject of many of my shots. Another thing I loved about the PowerShot was the great Macro photos I could take. Please give me any advice to help me make a decision between the Rebel and the E-410.
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Hmmm. I would recommend that you get the ... E-510. It's selling for less than $550 delivered at at least one reputable etailer. The optical image stablization is worth it.

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I would agree with robbo. If choosing an Oly, get the E-510 instead of the 410. Camera Labs has some pretty good unbiased (IMO) reviews of the Canon XTi, E-410 and E-510, along with many other dSLR's. I would suggest reading/viewing them prior to making a decision. Also check out what buyers have to say on Amazon or the like. You can gleen some good info from other users reading their reports.


Concerning shots w/o a flash, most dSLRcameras will perform about the same with the same settings.Some reviewers mention differences in high ISO performance. For me, these differences are marginal, if not indistinguishable. You may have a more discerning eye.


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Either camera should do OK. The biggest thing will be what lenses and accessories you pair the camera with.

Anti-shake is only good for very specific instances. If your baby is moving at all then you need faster shutter speeds and anti-shake is useless for that. So, you'll need fast glass. In most indoor houses/apartments 'fast' equates to f2.0, 1.8 or 1.4. Usually f2.8 is not good enough. You'll also shoot at higher ISOs. Eventually though, that combination just isn't enough and you need a good external flash.

I shoot a lot of indoor sports so I know a thing or two about low level shooting. But I also have an 18 month old son. And while I've gotten some fabulous results using high ISO and wide aperture primes, 80-90% of my shots are done with flash indoors. Simply because life happens where it will happen. Purists will tell you to take your available light shots by a window. What if you actually want to take a shot at night though? What if you want a shot and your child isn't near the light in the room? In the end, you'll be able to get some amazing shots when you learn to use an external flash - especially when you can bounce the flash (note: the built in flashes on all DSLRs are still pretty bad and give poor results compared to what an external flash can do).

There are really two issues with that work against an oly solution:

2x crop factor making all lenses a bit tighter indoors.So your choice of lenses to use is more limited.

high iso performance - unlike Dennis, I DO notice big differences between camera models at high ISO. Probably because I use it so frequently. The oly's are about a stop worse in ISO 1600 performance (i.e. their 1600 compares to 800 from the canon). BUT - this risk is mitigated when you start to use an external flash - then there is no need for ISO 1600 (and rarely for ISO 800).

On the down side for the Canon is the standard kit lens - it's ok but not as good as the Oly kit lenses.

For your macro work it's more about the lens than the camera. Any DSLR is capable of macro shots - WITH THE RIGHT LENS.

And, any camera under discussion will outperform your current camera so no worries there.
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