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I'm torn between a Canon 40D or 5D.Which would you recommend?
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fastfocus wrote:
I'm torn between a Canon 40D or 5D.Which would you recommend?
What types of photography do you intend to use the camera for?
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Macro work,also lowlight and landscapes
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As John seems to have forgotten you (he will hit me later for saying that) I will chime in with a littleadvice if I can.

I am fortunate enough to have a 30D, 5D and 1D mkIII so have some idea of the benefits of the different bodies (I know the 40D is a good improvement over the 30D).

I love the 5D as it simply handles wonderfully and the results are stunning. It's great as it is what people like to call full frame (not strictly the right name but it has stuck, so you have a sensor almost identically sized to 35mm film). As this is the case every lens is wider than with the 40 by 1.6x so for landscapes this is great. It also means that when shooting a macro subject you depth of field is reduced to the 40D as you have to zoom more so this means less of your macro subject is in focus. So that has pretty much evened them up. Going back to wide angle for the moment, there are lovely lenses out there anyway that get around a lot for the problem with the 1.6x crop and who says landscape must be really wide (another point for debate).

The 40D for macro is lovely as it has the live view which I really like on my mkIII as you can focus really accurately which AF won't do and the view finder is not large enough on any camera to do so well. You have not mentioned sports so the 6.5 frames per second of the 40D wont be needed, and actually I like shooting sports more with my 5D rather than the 30D anyway, but that is another story.

Now you mention low light, what sort of thing are you thinking of? Just curious as it's not going to be much of a difference between the two. Fora long time the 5D has been known as the king of high ISO which is one reason a lot of wedding photographers use it. I was working at 1600 ISO a lot of the time for last weekends wedding and the results are lovely. The reports on the 40D show good handling of noise at high ISO so don't worry.

I would go an feel them, see which is more comfortable in the hand. If I had to choose only one camera for youthen I would really struggle but I think the 40D might get the vote. I personally would not want to give up the 5D (unless the replacement is a lot better) as the results are amazing and it impresses me every time. But I would say it's a more creative camera designed for someone wanting to take their photography to the next level, for all round use the 40D is very strong.

Hope that helps,

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