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Ever heard of a company called Cameta? They are on Ebay selling "Nikon Demo" units with full warranty for $580
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Cameta is a real camera store, located on Long Island, and have been around for a long time. That's not an endorsement, since I've never dealt with them, but you might be better off dealing with a company like that rather than one that nobody has ever heard of or one that everyone hates. Here are some ratings:


Good luck.

the Hun

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Actually I contacted Cameta directly today and they qouted me a MUCH higher price than their auctions. $729 when their auctions on eBay were ending from $610-$640. When I asked the gentleman why he said I was wrong. When I qouted him auctions and asked if he could match the price because he wasn't having to pay the eBay or Paypal he said "Go buy it on eBay then." When I asked him if the camera from the store was any better than the cheaper ones on eBay he just said "Listen, if you want to buy my camera buy it, if not try getting one on eBay." and wouldn't answer anymore questions.

Needless to say I am done with Cameta. So I am looking for a good D80, under $700. Any suggestions?
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You have every right to buy or not buy from whomever. I think though the salesman at Cameta had a right to quote you the price he did and to suggest that you go to Ebay to try for a lower price. I have bought several lenses from Cameta. The prices are reasonable and the shipping times fast.

I would much rather buy from Cameta than from one the dishonest dealers that Rinnie warned you about. If they sell you something, you will get it as described. They won't try to force you to buy overpriced accessories. They won't sell you gray market cameras.

$720 to $740 for a D80 is a very good deal.However, if you can get it for less on auctions, go for it!
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I wouldn't expect to find a new D80 for under $700 until it's replacement is available. The only way to get this price is in the used market. Otherwise B&H or Adorama is your best bet.

I'm not suprised Cameta wouldn't match their auction price. Their auctions are usually demo's or refurbs, and their auctions are probably run as a seperate outfit with different pricing structures. The $729 is a very fair price for the D80. If you wanted to pay the $610-$640, you should have participated in the Auction.
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That is the thing, the price they qouted me on the phone was for a demo model just like the ones in their auctions. I just figured they would want to save the Ebay and Paypal fees.

The only difference between the camera on ebay and the camera buying direct from them was the camera direct from them was $100 more and came with extra attitude. They have dozens on them on eBay I just don't want to give them my money now.

I don't have $750 at the moment so I am going to have to keep saving I guess. Thanks again for all your help. If anyone has anymore ideas I am grateful for them.
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If they're selling them for much less than that, they're probably going to lose money on them.

Cameta has a good reputation and $729 is a fair price for one.

I've bought several lenses from Cameta (including my Minolta 28mm f/2 and Minolta 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 AF lenses), and a number of our members have bought Nikon bodies and kits from them. They usually have pretty good deals on factory reconditioned gear, too (which is the way I bought these Minolta AF lenses from Cameta, complete with Minolta factory boxes marked reconditioned). They were indistinquishable from brand new lenses to my eyes, and they work just fine.

buydig.com usually has about the best price around on most DSLR bodies from a authorized dealer selling Nikon gear (with a Nikon USA warranty, not the gray market stuff often advertised on Ebay with a US Warranty,when the dealer means a store warranty), and buydig.com is getting $719 for a D80 now.


I'd strongly suggest you avoid gray market Nikon gear (which is what you'll often see on Ebay, with misleading warranty descriptions). Nikon USA will usually refuse to service a gray market camera, even if you are willing to pay them for the service. Some of the other Nikon regional distributors have this same policy (for example, Nikon Canada will refuse to service Nikon gear that was not purchased from an Authorized dealer in Canada.

Buy from an Authorized Nikon dealer in the country you are living in if you want to get your camera serviced by Nikon. Some of those store warranties may not be worth the paper they're written on if the dealer can't get parts and service software.

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