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thomasmagnum wrote:
I just had a chance to look through Greg's album for the TZ3 and WOW now I'm really confused as what to get.................... Maybe I didn't give the TZ3 enough of a chance......

The TZ3 is a very capable camera.... in the right light. You'll notice in looking through those files there are certain types of images you don't see, mainly indoor flash shots/family-type images and, with a few exceptions, indoor low light images.

When I mentioned earlier that the TZ3 was hard to beat in good light... well, there are cameras that I have that would do much better....namely my Olympus E510 and/or the Panasonic FZ50 that I took last September on a 15 day tripto Paris.

Combined with the small size and great focal length range, the TZ3 is an easy to carry camera that can produce great outdoor images, and I love using it for those type subjects. I considered taking it alone to Paris, but was glad I did not. I would not have wanted to be using it while we were indoors shooting in dimly-lit chateaus, or at the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc., etc....places where I would have had to make too many compromises in image quality. The FZ50 was...barely...good enough because of it's faster lens in the upper zoom range and, to be honest, when shooting at really low shutter speeds I like being able to hold the camera up to my eye. It's just a steadier way for me to shoot at really low shutter speeds.

This May I'm going to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, and anticipate no such issues and I will be taking my TZ3 there. I have a feeling combined with the great light, landscapesand carribbean sea, and the fact I don't want to be burdoned with a bag of any bulk, it'll do very well.

Regarding my comments above about family/flash shots, as Sarah mentioned, it is worth repeating....the TZ3 is not a good indoor flash camera. The flash is underpowered and often resorts to climbingabove ISO 400 in AUTO ISO mode in order to be able to cover an indoor scene. For that type stuff, I will always resort to a camera/external flash combination.

Probably the best way to put it is, the TZ3 is a great option for certain types of photography. If I had to pick ONE camera to cover everything, it would not be the TZ3. I don't even want to admit to the number of cameras I do have.....there are a few, but there is a core set I use for certain subjects. I carry the TZ3 to work every day and when I go out on walks, it is what goes with me. It's always in my DSLR/FZ50 bag in case I want to use the unique 16:9 capture ability.

If I was not into sports photography or shooting the occasional wedding, I could probably get by with something likemy Panasonic FZ50, withthe DMW-LW55wide adaptor lens and Olympus FL50 flash combination, but I do so the FZ50 isn't a good one-camera-for-everything idea either.

In order to get EVERYTHING you want, you may have wind up compromising and getting something that does most of what you want...the more important things to you, and maybe down the road looking for something that does the other stuff better.
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Had a chance to spend my lunch break in a store with cameras not on locks and batteries in them. I have a new out look on things and it points to the Fuji S8000. Thank camera feels very good in my hand now and was amazed at how smooth the zoom was. Played with super macro and it it focused sharp on the lcd. I think putting reviews aside this camera is going to produce better pictures than my current A75 does overall due to modern technology and it's time to move forward. The other biggy here is every review I've read says the Fuji is the best low light indoor camera of the bunch and I'm sure the majority of our photos will revolve around this.

In a perfect world I'd own a good SLR and a Panny TZ3, but I don't need 2 cameras for my photography needs. Thanks guys for your help.
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Congratulations on your decision! The Fuji S-8000 is a capable camera. Enjoy your new camera and post some photos when you havea chance.

Sarah Joyce
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I jumped the gun folks my buddy who manages a local electronics dealer is able to get me the Olympus SP560uz for too good of a deal..... I know I'm flip flopping but I'm saving $75 over the Fuji!

Thanks again Sarah for your support and to everyone for their help.
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