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I have bought 3 digital cameras over the years, the first (many years ago) an Olympus C-300 which took fantastic pictures even compared to my newer cameras. I then bought (a couple years ago) 2 small cameras one for my wifes purse a Casio Z-600 and a Fuji F 440 for my truck. both of these cameras do not reproduce color anywhere near the old Olympus. I am not satisfied with the overall picture quality either, the focus onthe twosmall ones is not great either,but the work for the purpose I bought them, to have a very small camera with us all the time.

But now I need a Camera that takes very good pictures, but I do not want the bulk of a full blown slr.

My priorities are:

1 Picture quality, 2 Color reproduction, 3 Low light performance, 4 quick accurate focus, 5 battery life, 6 pocketability, 7 price.

I have looked at many and am very confused how they compare to each other,

Canon G9, Canon A 650, Canon A-720, Canon S 5 IS, Canon SX 100 IS, Fuji F31FD,

I stopped reading reviews after this as they all had good and bad. I read over a dpreview that alot of cameras all use the same sensor so in this range of cameras all the Canons would probably have the same sensor so you might as well buy the less expensive one and get the same picture quality.

Does anyone know a camera that will give me superb pictures with little fuss?

I have no brand preference so I have probably missed some very good cameras but I have found the Canons have always rated high in most sites.

Help please.
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If you were so happy with your old Olympus, why don't you buy another one? They still make cameras, you know. You have bought two different brand cameras, which you don't like, and now you asking us if you will like yet a different brand?

Have you even considered another Olympus? Stop paying so much attention to reviews and look at cameras that deliver an image quality that you like. Isn't that what matters most - that you like the pictures your camera takes?

the Hun

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I had bought another Olympus at the time I had bought the other two but I returned it because the picture quality was terrible, i think it was a FE 190, I then bought the Casio. I would buy another Olympus but I just have not done all the research yet. After buying and using the cameras I have used and reading the reviews I have to say the reviews are fairly accurate to what I found in practice so that is why I have been reading them, I just hoped someone had gone through this before me and could give me some feed back.
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All Canons have the Digic III processor so the picture quality is going to be very similar. The G9 will give you better results than the cheapest Canon, the A470, but even the A470 looks pretty good to me.
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I just posted this response on another thread, and I believe it applies here too, so I'm copying and pasting it in;

You may wish to visit this website to do comparisons of the various camera's image quality, while you wait for more answers to your questions.


I have ordered a G9 to replace the A620, and expect delivery tomorrow. UPS called today and sounded like the cable guy, "we will deliver sometime between 7 AM and 7 PM, be home", since I have to sign for it.

Be aware that ANY point-and-shoot you buy today will not be perfect in the image quality area, when compared to most dSLRs. This is especially true in low light and most action (sports) areas, from what I have read. The G9 can shoot in RAW, so this can help overcome some of these shortcomings. The problems are related to more megapixels being stuffed on to a small CCD. The S5 has a smaller CCD than the G9, but the S5 has fewer MP than the G9. This all boils down to noise issues. You might want to read this link on dealing with that noise. It compares the G9, G7, and S5, as well as dSLRs.


hope this will help,
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Well after some more reading I am leaning toward the Canon A650or tracking down a Fuji F31fd or maybe the G7. The Canon S5 was my favorite but with no underwater case (for the odd snorkeling trip) I ruled that one out.

My first priority is the highest quality photos, so does anyone know which one would produce the best all round results?

Any other cameras reccomended would be appreciated.
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