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There is a learning curve with any camera whether you are a seasoned photographer or not. Each one that comes out has something new, borrowed or left out from the last one. Takes a bit of shutter time and trial and error oft times to get the desired results from the camera.

A dSLR has the most flexibility to tweak an image (I am aware that some P&S cameras have RAW as well). A dSLR has to a lesser degree of image processing in-camera. Some PP taken with a dSLR is necessary to get the most out the image taken.

The digicams are all basically computer imaging processors. The P&S are a bit more aggressive in its in camera processing and has some latitude in personal preferences if one so desires.

Buying a dSLR and leaving it in AUTO is truely a complete waste of money and only serves as a status thing IMHO.

The needs being met by a P&S over a dSLR by and large is what most people should realize. I have seen it in electronic stores where salespeople will drive sales of the dSLR over the P&S. I bite my tongue and just walk away.

I use both depending on what I intend to shoot and how much I want to carry around with me that day.


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Thank you so very much, Tom-

You perfectly capsulized the answer very, verywell in your post That was exactlywhat I was thinking about when I started this thread over a month ago. Thanks! DSLR cameras are great and they do have the most flexibility. However, every photographer does not necessarily need everything that a DSLR can do. Hopefully all new camera purchasers will take some time to seriously consider that fact.

Like you, Tom,I shoot with BOTH digicams and DSLRS. They each have their place.

Sarah Joyce
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