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Hi all,

I am trying to narrow down my choices:
nikon 40x, 60 or 80
Canon 400, 450

(After my discussion, I have summarised my questions below)

The Cameras:
From what I have read the Canon 400 is a better buy than Nikon 40 and 60. This is mainly due to the nine point focus system.

I prefer the D80 out of the Nikon Range.

But economics sends me towards the 400 (or possibly the 450)

The lenses

Economics sends me towards the Canon 400 twin kit lens (18-55 + 75 -300), but everyone seems to bag these kits. What is wrong with these lenses???
Is there a 50mm lens for the NIKONs similar to the classic CANON 50mm. (I have heard that these are good for closes up portraiture/baby photos)

Future Mid range Lenses purchases
I was impressed with the Nikon 80 with the af-s 70-300mm f 4.5-5.6G VR IF ED lens (priced at AU$800)

Is there a comparable mid range Canon lens?

I have read the Nikons have better mid range lenses than the Canons, what are other peoples opinions?

I have found this lens, Canon EF 70 - 300mm f4.0 L IS USM lens which seems to be a considerable increase in price. (i could only find the 24-105mm lens @ AU$1500). (I was told that EF denotes premium lenses for Canon)


In summary m questions are:
What do people think of the NIKON 40x and 60?
What is wrong with the CANON kit lenses?
Is there a comparable 35mm NIKON 50mm lens available inexpensive?
What identifies the CANON mid range lenses ?
Why are the NIKON mid range lenses superior to the CANON mid range lenses?
Any advice is appreciated.

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Are really completely sure you need a comnsumer level DSLR camera??

Sarah Joyce
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The Nikon 40 & 60 are nice little cameras, but because of the restrictions on which lenses will work with them are not great as a longer term solution if your photographic interests will grow. And certainly they won't work with many of the Nikon lenses.

Canon 18-55 + 75-300. What's wrong with them? Well everything really, which is not to say you can't make some great pictures with them, but they are cheap lenses and if you are looking to go cheap there are now much better options available for similar money.

As a starter lens for the Canon the new 18-55 IS (stabilised) lens is excellent and optically far superior to the old one. This is the kit lens for the 450D, but you try to get hold of a 400D body and go for the new lens too.

The Canon 70-300 IS and Nikon 70-300 VR are very similar optically. Both very good mid-level lenses. The best cheap alternative is the Sigma 70-300 APO.

Canon's premium lenses have the L (luxury) designation, Nikon's don't really have such a designation - let price be your guide.

It's very hard to generalise about which has the better lenses; you can compare specific lenses against each other, sometimes Canon comes out best, sometimes Nikon. Price is usually a pretty good indicator.

There is a good cheap Nikon 50mm f1.8. Don't think it works on the D40 or D60 though.

My favourite lens comparison sites:


In particular you should read these reviews:


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Thanks for your response to my questions.

Yep, I sure want a DSLR. I am going to get some studio lights and love experimenting with a range of depth of field that my Canon S2 IS can't match.

I would like to take photos of my newborn girl similar to these: http://www.brisbanephotography.com/v...f=2&t=6838

And would also like to take some outdoor photos of her and her mum...

If that standard NIKON 50mm lens is recommended for portraiture like the Canon one, then I think I will find the extra cash and go with the Nikon D80 rather than the Canon 400 0r 450.
  • The body seems more solid[/*]
  • it is larger body[/*]
  • LCD screen on top of camera[/*]
  • more intuitive menu functions[/*]
Any comments?

Regards Alf...
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Damn, I hate that....

I just discovered that the NIKON D80 doesn't have dust reduction technololgy :-{

How can you reduce the risk of dust contamination in an SLR?

Is there a dust free tent, with a mini vacuum attached to at least move dust away from a CCD?

I really liked that camera.

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