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Wonderful service provided here, thanks to all of you very active members who provide great advice. I've read a great deal here, but obviously not enuff. This comparison may not be fair to Nikon as there is a general $400 difference between body only prices. I will buy body only and throw a few extra bucks at better glass, probably a 18-55, 85 or 135, w/ IS or VR to start with. Tingly at the thought of 6.5 fps for shooting kids sports w/ the canon. Also like the thought of dust reduction in canon. I know this is my decision, and I gotta figure it all out, but $400 is quite a bit of difference. Any thoughts on whether that extra $400 is well spent? If this has been addressed elsewhere, please save the carpel tunnel and just refer me to past post. Thx for any advice.
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I guess I am just like you. $(US) 400.00 is a sizeable difference for me. So I would be sitting there with my ear pricked up smartly. Nikon has been the smart choice at certain times, but in this case that might not be true. The Canon 40D is a great camera.

Sarah Joyce
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6.5 fps vs. 3 fps for $400?... and you shoot sports?

That sounds like a worthwhile investment to me.
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This is always the rub when choosing between Canon & Nikon. The lineups don't match up evenly - and the price points reflect this. The d300 is more expensive and appears to be better than the 40d the 40d is more expensive and appears to be better than the d80. Then canon's XSi then Nikon's D60.

Comparing these two specific cameras with regards to sports:

Canon has 1/8000 max shutter vs. 1/4000 (beneficial but not hugely so)

Canon has more advanced focus system than the d80 (although the D80s af system is still very good)

Canon has better high ISO performance

6fps vs 3

But the Nikon system as a whole has better flash system. Nikon arguably has better ergonomics.

That last point can be critical - I would urge you to handle both cameras before making a decision. How a camera feels and operates makes a big difference.

But I also want to mention something no one else has touched on: Shooting sports is as much about the lens as it is the camera. 6.5 fps won't do you any good if the action is too far away for your lens or if the lighting is too poor for your lens or if the focus performance of the lens is poor. So, while I think the 40D is the better camera for sports work, that's only if paired with the right lens. So let me put it this way:

D80 with right lens will blow the 40D with wrong lens out of the water in sports performance. I shoot a lot of sports, and I run into a lot of parents at sporting events shooting with their DSLRs and they still get very poor results - primarily for two reasons:

1. They just have the wrong lens for the job

2. They don't know how to shoot sports

So if that sports shooting is going to be part of the reason for the camera you should do some additional research into what lenses would be required for the sports in question and get a better idea of the OVERALL solution price. That may change the landscape a bit.

As for dust reduction in Canon - let me say this: I don't know if the 40d has the exact same system as my mkIII does but at least on the mkIII I've still had to clean my sensor manually once in the last 9 months. Not a big issue for me but I mention it only in so far as to say - don't expect the system to be flawless. In my opinion I simply wouldn't buy a camera based upon dust reduction. Cleaning the sensor isn't a big deal.
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New to this forum, but shot a lot of kids sports in the last few years. For sports the lens is more important than the camera. It's all about getting lots of light into the camera and having a great autofocus.

A couple of factors:

Indoor vs. Outdoor - Most indoor kid sport venues have terrible lighting, and you have to have a super bright lens (think 85mm F1.8 or 50mm F1.4) and a camera that with great high ISO capability. Outdoor is usually very well lit and not an issue.

Zoom Range - Some sports require greater range than others. Five year olds playing soccer on a small field are not a problem. 15 year old on a full field, and you'll need some serious zoom.

Next it depends on the sport (these are the sports I shot):

Baseball - Range important, but most of the stopped and at fixed locations (bases, batter). Autofocus isn't has important and during the day, the lighting is good. Daytime baseball is the least gear intensive.

Soccer / Football - Outdoor good lighting, want tons of zoom during the day. At night, it's all about high ISO and a 2.8 lens.

Basketball - Indoor gym lighting is terrible. Think fixed length low f-stop lens.

So what did I end up using?

I'ma canon guy, so I did this about 5 years ago, so the lens's havent really changed the cameras have. I used a Canon EOS-1D. The lens I absolutely used the most wasthe 70-200mm 2.8. It's an awesome lens. Mine isn't IS, but you can that today. For indoor, I used either an 85mm F1.8 or the 50mm F1.4. For youth sports you can get under the basket or on the baseline, so those lens are great.

When deciding Canon vs. Nikon really look at the lens selection also. Canon's is better for sports IMHO.

This may be aforum foul, but here is an excellent simple guid to sports photography: http://photo.net/learn/sports/overview

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