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I am about to leave on vacation and would like to replace my "current" camera --- a Nikon Coolpix 4500 --- with a good P&S. My daughter has a Canon SD300 and my wife has a Sony T5. It seems to me that the Canon takes much sharper pictures, indoors/flash and outdoors, than the Sony. So, I am leaning towards Canon.

My needs are to take good outdoor shots primarily (all light levels) with occasional indoors, lower light shots. I like having a good zoom, but wide angle does not do much for me. It needs to be small and sturdy enough to fit in my pocked comfortable.

So, open questions:
- Which one has best overall image quality?
- Is a 2.5" LCD with VF relly easier to use than a 3" LCD (with no VF)?

On specs alone, I like the 870IS except that I get the feeling it is about to be replaced. I like the specs on the recently announced 790IS and 890IS.

The 870IS gets high marks from the reviews I read, but WA is not much of a requirement for me. I am concerned that some reviewers seem to think the 870IS loses "sharpness" in other than strong sun/daylight.

The 890IS seems stronger, but many early reviewers seem to think the 1/2.3 senser size may be too small for the 10MB capability. I do like the 5X zoom though. No 3" LCD.

The 790IS seems like a perfect compromise --- better size/lighter than 870IS or 890IS and keeps the 3" LCD. My only concern is the senser size "issue".

Anyone have any experience with two or more of these cameras?

Thanks all.
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The sd790IS and 890IS both use the DIGIC III processor, as do the Canon SD850IS, SD870IS, SD1100IS and SD950IS. So the picture quality should be similar to the older cameras. However, the price of the newer cameras is far higher. The best deal among the less expensive ELPH's is the SD850IS. It has lots of features plus a viewfinder, which is useful for bright, sunny days.
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I agree with Andy. The fact that a camera is about to be replaced is irrelevent, except that the prices of the older models may drop as a consequence, at least temporarily.

Often, the newer cameras are not a functionalimprovement relative to the older ones. They might look different, have a larger LCD, have more megapixels - which may do nothing other than increase noise - and offer funky menu choices. But the photos they capture are often about the same.

A classic example of inferior "newer" cameras is the case of the Fuji F50fd. This camera replaced the F31fd, doubled the megapixel count, IS, larger LCD, etc. What happened? The image quality and shot-to-shot times were worse, and the market for F30/F31D went thru the roof, with lingering new stock and factory refurbs selling for more than $300 - a lot more than the F50fd
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I seriously looked at the SD-870IS and the SD-850IS. I found the SD-870IS to be soft at the edges of each image, and therefore I turned to the SD-850IS which has 4X optical zoom and an optical viewfinder.

I was able to purchase the SD-850 for $(US) 240.00, for a substantial savings, and I have really enjoyed the SD-850IS a lot.

Sarah Joyce
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