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A little background:
Currently have a Nikon D70 which I use constantly and absolutely love it - but I dislike traveling with it.

Currently have a Canon S400 which I use frequently (as do the kids). I've never been thrilled with this camera, always felt the images it produced where a bit washed out. Now it appears to be on its last legs - zoom sticks, dial does nothing (it's stuck in auto mode no matter what you turn the dial to). This is the camera I travel with.

The S400 replaced an olympus C3030z which I loved. Only problem was it was a bit bulky to carry around and at the time, i was hoping that more megapixels meant better picture quality - lesson learned.

Now I'm looking to replace the S400 with a new P&S. I'm considering another canon, even though i wasn't all that satisfied with my current (pictures with the newer models seem to be much better - just looking at the samples).

SD870 IS - like the wide angle, don't mind not having the viewfinder - never use it anyway on my S400

SD850 IS - like the price, a bit concerned with not having a wide angle

Olympus 1030 SW - Really like the idea of a ruggedized camera (I ski/snowboard a lot with a camera in my pocket) - hopefully the kids can use this one without it breaking. My concern is the image quality and the fact that it's only a F 3.5 lens.

Anyone have any opinions on these 3 cameras? Will I even notice that the olympus is an F3.5 vs the F2.8 on the canons? I realize the 1030 is much more $$$ than the canon, but hoping the $100 premium buys me a rugged camera that can withstand the abuse of travel, snow, cold, beach, kids, etc. I realize i'm not going to get the image quality i get with my Nikon with a P&S, but I still want something that produces bright, sharp pictures with good color.

Thanks for your help!
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I recently went through the very same desision. I thought the SD-870 was somewhat distorted and soft at the edges. So while the wide angle was nice, I eliminated it from my list.

I own the Olympus 790SW and have not been blow away by the image quality. The SW concept is nice, but not very useful if it results in deminished image quality

I ended up with the SD-850 which had 4X optical zoom and an optical viewfinder, and I really like the camera a lot. That is the elimination process that I went through. I hope it will be helpful.

Sarah Joyce
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Hi Sarah - thanks for your input!
I'm going to go try out the SD850 and the Olympus 1030 SW before making a decision. Perhaps the new Olympus has better image quality than the older 790 SW?

I realize it's quite new, but does anyone have any hands on experience with the 1030 SW?

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